Online Reputation Management for your business

Our reputation management services involve the most prospective tactics to facilitate a client’s website from critical issues. Google is the most used search engine in our country and to remove negative reviews, we focus on deleting fake business reviews from Google. We then develop a positive reputation by repairing services to revamp your online standing.

Our reputation management agency possesses an exclusive team that reduces the visibility of negative content by controlling relevant keywords. Our aim isn’t to just clear the scoreboard and start afresh. We aim to give the client another chance to prove their values effectively. Our ORM services are designed as per the clients’ specific needs and requirements. Being one of the best reputation management companies in Chennai, EON8 strives harder to maintain the positive reputation of your company through the content being displayed for the audience. A business’s reputation has to be maintained in order to improve its rankings and drive popularity among its target audience.

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Why do you need ORM?

We recommend opting for a defensive response by investing in our affordable reputation management services to get rid of irrelevant comments at once. When a negative review or comment is seen in Google or any other platform, we offer the best ORM services. There will be no stone unturned. EON8 is undoubtedly one of the best reputation management companies in Chennai, owing to our promise of customer satisfaction. We promise to maintain the positive reputation of your company.

Other online reputation services we offer that may be of great help to you include

ORM Pricing

Pricing is always reasonable at EON8. We as a company never try to loot money from the public but care more about their satisfaction. Browse through our website or contact our 24×7 customer support team to know more about our prices. Our reputation management agency can assure you that our services will be available to you at an affordable price.

ORM pricing varies depending upon the company, industry of specialization, target audience, and the packages and services chosen. However, EON8 is one of the best reputation management companies in Chennai as we guarantee the success of maintaining an online reputation first.

ORM Pricing

Our unwavering aim

With our personalized and professional online reputation management services, you can safeguard your hard-earned online presence and also get equipped to tackle any crisis. Besides managing your reputation on social media, our reputation management agency also guarantees proper maintenance of the reputation you have earned through our continuous efforts. Hence, removing negative reviews, comments, and fake comments from every business platform and Google is important to safeguard the reputation of the company.


Many businesses are not aware of the impact a review can have on their product or at the business. We are aware of the impact a negative review can cause on the reputation of the company. Respect has to be earned through consistent efforts. For companies, especially start-ups, we work every day to increase the number of followers and the amount of support that follows the reputation of the company.

Our ORM expert services

  • Remove negative content from a source or from Google.
  • Push negative comments, reviews, or any other irrelevant content lower in search results and social platforms.
  • Add more positives.
  • SEO to improve search results
  • Monitor people’s views about your business or brand
Our ORM expert services

To safeguard your reputation and to offer a repair if any bad influence affects the company is a herculean task. EON8, as one of the best ORM companies in Tamil Nadu, flags the inappropriate content. We also work on SEO, which is adding the words or terms that will bring the name of your product or service to the top of the search list. EON8 provides the best SEO tools for your business.

People must have a good image of your company. We also encourage good reviews from customers. We post good comments and organize them to safeguard the reputation of your company. EON8, one of the best reputation management companies in Chennai promises to bring no defamation to your company, as the pain of reaching a benchmark and being an example for other companies is well-known to us.

Our clients

Our clients

Poorvika Mobiles, VLCC, Ramraj Cotton Textile, and Cake square are our most reputed and popular customers. You can imagine the amount of hard work they must have taken to reach such a high level of popularity. Digital marketing and the problem of maintaining an online reputation were some of the major issues they faced. Our team is proud to tell the public that through our incessant efforts, these companies have been successful in creating a positive image in public.

Google is the most searched platform for any reviews and hence, we handle ORM services. However, a company should know that the negativity of comments comes with most of the popular products, and EON8, being the best in Tamil Nadu is here to lend its helping hand.

Other online reputation services we offer that may be of great help to you include

  • Develop a Positive Reputation
  • Manage Reputation
  •   Delete Negative Review from Google
  •   Negative comments removal
  •   Push down negative search results
  •   Delete social media reviews
Other online reputation services we offer that may be of great help to you include 1


Online Reputation Management is the process of adding positive reviews to a business’s online pages to push negative reviews lower in the results. It also involves removing certain reviews and fake reviews.

It is important to maintain a positive reputation online. By investing in our ORM services, you can ensure that your hard-earned reputation doesn’t get tarnished and prevent defamatory reviews. This way, you can attract more prospects and make faster conversions.

Our services are very affordable and we ensure that you get your money’s worth. Depending upon which services you require and what package you choose for your business, our prices will vary accordingly.

ORM is a dynamic but long-term investment. It takes consistent efforts and at least three months to start seeing results. But once you start seeing positive results and attract a larger crowd, your business will keep growing steadily.


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