What are consumer complaint boards?

A consumer complaint board is an online platform that allows customers to share their opinions and complaints regarding a company. This gives rise to the necessity of removing online complaints from a consumer board. Though getting a positive reputation from everyone is not possible you can control the negative traffic by removing online complaints from consumer boards. Eon8 is a digital marketing agency based in Chennai that specializes in consumer complaints removal. We remove online reviews and objections from the consumer board and expel negative comments and complaints from social media.

There are varied services like SEO, ORM, and SMO but the most difficult and time-consuming task is the removal of negative complaints from consumer boards like online media where millions of people gather. Though we have Yahoo, Bing, and much more, Google never loses its popularity as the top search engine customers use to research brands. Websites such as Ripoff and Mouthshut.com gather such information for consumers to use, but the consumer board is everyone’s ultimate source of information.

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Why Eon8 2

Why Eon8?

Eon8, being the best ORM association especially for consumer complaints removal is here to help you. We at Eon8 don’t merely remove the online negative surveys and reactions from the customer board. We improve your business reputation by adding positive reviews and comments, include keywords that are frequently used by users to search for brands and products, maintain the brand distinction, and much more.

The expulsion of purchaser protests from the consumer board is an intense activity that cannot be done single-handedly. An experienced organization is required to understand the need to advance your business by excelling in web activities and to build a good name on sites like the consumer board.

Why is the consumer board so important?

The vitality of the consumer board is not irrelevant, as individuals use it as a means to learn more about a brand and its services. Consumer grievances on an online platform such as the consumer board or other online social media are given importance, as clients can record a difference and report about any little degree to the business. Although a person is rightfully entitled to their opinions, it can cause a lot of trouble for organizations and affiliations.


This is where Eon8 steps in to assist your business in coming out of this irksome circumstance. What we do is we help in fixing your online reputation by making a positive commitment to your business. This is backed by thorough research about your audience, business, and industry of expertise. This way, we know what your business promises and also which aspects of your services the consumers wish to see on the consumer board.

Why is the consumer board so important


Consumer boards are online forums where customers can post opinions, reviews, and comments about certain products, services, or brands. Not only is this a platform for consumers to voice out their views, but it is also an open forum for customers to research brands before investments.

Since so many customers rely on consumer boards for honest reviews, it becomes important to ensure your reputation is positive. It takes only one comment to convince a customer whether to purchase a product or not. We ensure that the comments they see favor your business.

Our packages can be designed specially to suit your business needs and based on your budget; we can curate new services. Our prices are affordable and reasonable, considering the long-term impacts your business will have because of our services.

It takes about a week for our team to detect the status of your reputation on search engines, social media, and consumer boards. It then takes about 15 days approximately to rectify these derogatory comments by removing negative reviews, adding favorable comments, blocking fake reports, and so on. This is a dynamic process and with consistent efforts, you will start seeing results in about a month.


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