There are ways to make sure the negative doesn't show up. It gives us a scare knowing that some content stays online forever. What we do is, we use extraordinary techniques that had worked before and make sure to bury the negative reviews below positive reviews.

The negative search results might drag the reputation of any brand. So, one way to overcome it is to develop a positive reputation. Firstly, to identify the negative search and workaround it, to make a positive reputation. When working wisely we can make sure to push after the 3rd or 4th page of search results, because no one searches after page 1.

Some of the steps we follow are

  • Optimizing and promoting positive reviews
  • Page Titles Optimization
  • Review monitoring system
  • Setting up social platforms
  • Optimizing Website for Site Links
  • Guest Blogging on Authoritative Blogs
  • Setting up social profiles for exposure

We determine, then analyse and endorse the right content tailored for your business. And later we use an Online Reputation Monitoring system to keep an eye on it and maintain the business online presence.

Let us break down the process for you: once we identify the negative content, we try to lower the traffic on the pages and promote positive content. These are done at the same time by increasing the traffic to the positive reviews. Due to the high traffic generated, it gets listed first in our case over the negative search results. We bring traffic to optimistic content by using links, blogs, testimonials. We follow this only when the search results cannot be removed permanently. In most cases, we can remove negative search results, with tools and steps to achieve it.