What are complaint boards?

As the name suggests, complaint boards provide social platforms for consumers to share complaints about businesses they have invested in. This acts as a forum for new customers to research brands before deciding to make transactions. Although we encourage customers to give honest opinions about a brand and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we should also be aware of the ill-effects that it can cause to a company.

Imagine anybody posting online complaints to defame and bring your brand’s popularity down. Hence, it is advised to approach an efficient team for complaints board removal and resolve the issue. Eon8, our digital marketing agency located in the heart of Chennai with years of experience in the field is ready to help you. We remove online complaints from the complaint board and from online media.

What are complaint boards

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Our ORM services

One approach to managing your business’s reputation is Online Reputation Management (ORM). Several services such as SEO, SMO, deleting and removing online complaints, etc. come under ORM, but the most troublesome assignment is complaints board removal owing to what a wide social platform it is.

Google is one of the most prevalent search engines that almost everyone on the planet uses. The consumer board being an online platform appears in the top searches of Google. When such situations arise, you need to approach a digital marketing company. Eon8 is the answer to all your problems if you are based in Chennai. Being the best ORM organization and offering the best Online Reputation Management Services, we are here to control reviews against your organization online. We at Eon8, don’t just make the online negative reviews and criticisms from the consumer board disappear. Furthermore, we protect your popularity and reputation by improving the words getting included with your organization, which also helps in SEO.

Removing complaints from the complaints board

Without any assistance, it becomes difficult to remove consumer complaints from the consumer board. The importance of the consumer board lies in the number of people who rely on it for business research. Purchaser complaints on the consumer board may result in a loss for your business, as the customer’s dissent is recorded and available for other customers to read. This gives rise to complaints board removal.

Keeping this in mind, having a negative remark about your business may cut down the chances of exhibiting your business in listings, which we unequivocally brief against. We erase all the negative reviews online, especially those from fake accounts and customers who wish to degrade your business on purpose. We help in fixing these defamatory comments by making a positive contribution to your association since we know how critical and what importance of online reputation holds to your company.

Removing complaints from the complaints board


A complaints board is an online platform that has an internationally wide reach. It is a forum for customers to submit complaints, reports, and protests against brands and businesses they have invested in. Although this is encouraged, too many bad reviews can ruin the reputation of a business, especially if it is a start-up.

Since customers research brands through the consumer complaints board and decide whether to trust the brand or not, it is necessary to ensure that the reviews posted about your brand online are good. Removal of negative reviews, deleting bad comments, blocking fake accounts, and so on can help your business maintain a positive image online.

Yes, the complaints board acts as a universal platform for both submitting complaints as well as reading reviews about brands. While deciding whether to invest in a new brand, clients conduct background research by reading reviews other clients have posted. It goes without saying that if they see negative reviews, they won’t choose to make transactions with the brand.

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