What is Discord? How can you use it for marketing?

Social media might be a good avenue to reach your customers online, but messaging apps like Discord are ideal to engage with them actively and stay on their minds. A recent survey revealed that Discord has 20% more active users on a monthly scale as compared to social media. It is free, secure, easy to understand, and can be accessed on multiple systems. No wonder a majority of users prefer it!

By creating servers (either public or private), you can engage with your audience. Group members can be added through personal invites sent via email or text, or through clickable links via your website or social media. The best part about Discord is how much you can personalize it! The number of servers you can create is limitless and you can assign specific roles to your members and assign them to different channels just like on Facebook. The Discord administration focuses on listening to its audience, so the customer support is stellar.

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What features will help me?

You can create servers based on a specific niche - be it a book club, gaming club, music sessions, or even a classroom. This acts as a community of like-minded people, so you can be sure that people who join your server using invites are already interested in your niche! Your servers can be either voice, video, or text servers. TheDiscord moderator can assign roles to each member and grant them access to various aspects of the server.

The best part about Discord management is how you can plan your team on one channel while simultaneously engaging your audience on another channel. Just like Instagram, you can create live sessions and video chats during which you can share your screen. Discord marketing is ideal for cryptocurrency agencies keeping in mind how secure it is. You can display real-time values to your audience, start engaging threads to chat, or even launch token sales and exclusive offers instantly! You can create an engaging profile and draft a catchy bio to outline the basics of your niche.

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    Which strategies work?

    Discord comprises an intellectual audience, so it makes no sense to waste their time beating around the bush! The ideal way to execute Discord community marketing is to provide them with quality content, consistent engagement, engage in insightful private conversations with members, offer real-time values, and exclusive offers. Provide exclusive sales to community members, invite them to constant chat sessions, offer a special discount for the first 1000 members who join your server, engage actively in healthy discussions in constructive threads, etc. The Discord management team is known for their unique partner program - what better way to capitalize on the Discord community than through the company itself!

    The ideal way to stay ahead of the game is to keep updating yourself with new features, new trends, join new groups that match your niche, keep inviting prospects to join your community, retain your spot in your audience’s mind by constantly engaging them, and so on. At the end of the day, you are trying to create a community through Discord server marketing. You are trying to find like-minded people who genuinely want to engage with your brand and perceive it as a personality. Discord can help you achieve all this and more, provided your Discord marketing agency is well-versed in how to optimize its features.

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    Why Eon8?

    Being one of the leading Discord marketing agencies today, Eon8 is known for its unique content, a team of seasoned writers, expert analysts, and updated strategies. We stay ahead of the market by using the latest features on Discord to our advantage and never failing to update our strategies to meet modern standards. By prioritizing customer service, we project your brand as the market expert. 67% of consumers who use social media require solutions for issues and quick redressal for grievances. We ensure that they receive this support, which will increase our chances of keeping them engaged.

    We give your brand a personality and improve your cool factor - ultimately, you don’t just make it to the top of the industry, you retain your top spot consistently! Don’t have time to start your community from scratch, we will help you tap into fan-made groups and improve your brand image and online presence actively! Head over to our website to know more about our services and get a customized package for your specific needs!

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    Discord is one of the fastest growing online platforms to build communities and engage with your audience directly. It is one of the best ways to boost your engagement online and get in touch with potential prospects.

    Discord lets you form private and public servers and communicate firsthand with your audience. It will help you build communities and engage actively with your audience directly at affordable prices. You can provide real-time analytics and exclusive sales and offers for members to keep them engaged.
    Our packages are affordable and can be customized to suit your specific requirements. A lot of the services offered can be personalized as per your needs and curated to project your brand as the market expert.
    This is a slow process but the results are long-lasting. By investing a good amount for it and turning to a good agency that provides consistent quality content, you can see results in about a month or so.