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Discord Marketing Services

Discord is growing in popularity among NFT brands due to the disruptive features the platform offers to build and scale a community. Everything we create for your brand comes from in-depth research about your projects. The insights allow us to create unique and effective NFT Discord marketing campaigns to promote your nft on discord. We support you extensively to scale your community for more engagements with our discord promotion services.

The creative nft community-building services from our discord marketing agency help you to grow by increasing the community members and building awareness about your nft projects. Also, our Discord management expertise will connect the NFT investors and nft collectors from other platforms to your NFTdiscord server.

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Our 3-Step Success Formula For Discord Community Growth

We Can Enable Your Discord Community To Grab The Attention Of Their Target Audience And Impactful Results With Unique Discord Promotion Strategies.


We develop and deploy a tailor-made strategy to set up your Discord server and increase community members.


The implemented strategies will be refined through constant analysis to deliver better engagements in your community.


Get your community full of NFT investors maintained by highly skilled moderators to boost loyalty.

We can help you reach out to more people. Engage more earn more.
Make the right move!

Discord Marketing Activities
We Focus To Amplify Your NFT Community

Once we have users flowing through your discord server we start engaging them to help transform them into prospective buyers. We focus on engagement activities that transform your random discord audience into NFT buyers to help your NFT project achieve its prospects.

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  • We have a team of discord marketers who plot various events and competitions based on diverse themes. For example, we will host a quiz session regarding your crypto/NFT project and the winners get a free whitelist role. In one such event for one of our clients we hosted an art contest where users collaborated with NFT artists to create artwork and the best one was rewarded with a free NFT.
  • We are the best discord marketing agency when the concern is about connecting with the best NFT influencers for your project who can address your audience regarding your NFTs.
  • Finally, we love to implement unique strategies to help you establish meaningful connections with your target audience. We are always open for suggestions and follow a transparent approach towards our discord marketing services.

Discord Marketing Services For NFT And Crypto Projects

Build Your Brand's Identity

Achieve your goals through community marketing by identifying and engaging with the right audience.

Community Moderation Made Easy

Discord has distinctive features to separate servers and keep your audience consistently engaged.

Build Ever-Lasting Connections

Discord offers an incredible opportunity to all NFT creators to steer their NFT project through multiple partnerships.

Discord Classic

Discord classic is one of the platform's most used and favourable features that offers base chat perks.

Discord Nitro

Nitro Plan offers animated emojis, two server boosts with 30% offer, high-resolution videos, screen sharing, and live streaming.

Large Servers

One of the best advantages of using discord for your business is the platform offers a wide range of data.

Discord Marketing Services To Promote Your NFTs

Our NFT discord marketing company helps you build a community to connect your NFT investors and attract prospective NFT buyers to share your vision, mission & build value around your NFTs.

Discord For NFT Project

Discord For NFT Project

Professional NFT discord marketing services help you build a loyal fan base around your NFTs and engage prospective NFT investors.

Cross-Platform Promotion

Cross-Platform Promotion

We promote your discord server on social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to drive NFT investors and enthusiasts. Cross-platform promotion helps in building your crypto or NFT brand effectively.

Discord Channel Promotion

Discord Channel Promotion

Your audience cannot find you in discord unless or until you use the right promotional strategies. We promote your discord server link across the top-serves of the platform to drive the audience through white-hat techniques.

Consistent Engagement

Consistent Engagement

We constantly upload content on your discord channel to ensure that your audience understands your NFT and cryptocurrency. Promoting quality content on your discord server will also make it quite easy for audiences who have unknowingly connected to your discord server.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

We provide a dedicated social customer care team to respond to your queries with great customer service, which is essential for your brand to grow in discord. Our customer service team has answers for all your discord related queries.

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

Our in-house data analysts will track your growth on discord to find what marketing strategies can optimize and produce better conversions. We use well-defined metrics for your sustainable growth on discord.

Split Testing

Split Testing

A/B testing or split testing is one of the best ways to optimize different variations of copies, creatives and CTAs to optimize your discord ads. We follow the latest market trends to ensure that your discord community is updated with the latest trends and changes.

Timely Reporting

Timely Reporting

There is no doubt that we will channel your marketing funds in the right direction. Apart from that, we also love to share our results with you so you can track your progress and growth on discord effectively.

Fantastic Visuals

Fantastic Visuals

We also create amazing visuals, including promotional video ads, graphics, and GIFs to boost your discord ads. We design creative visuals related to your NFT and crypto project to make your project stand out of the crowd.

NFT Discord Marketing Services Checklist

  • Server Setup

    Server Setup

    Server title, Server rules, Verification system to filter out bots.

  • Category & Channel Creation

    Category & Channel Creation

    Basic channel creation like general chat, community suggestions, Report, and official links.

  • Bot Integration

    Bot Integration

    Dyno, Server Stats, Mee6, Giveaway bot, and Ping Cord bot.

  • Basic Moderation

    Basic Moderation

    Eliminating spammers and banning violators.

  • Assigning Roles

    Assigning Roles

    Founders, Artists, White list, verified, moderators, and bot roles.

  • Inviting Members

    Inviting Members

    Bringing new members within your community.

  • User Acquisition

    User Acquisition

    Cross-platform promotion to drive users to discord server.

  • Discord Nitro

    Discord Nitro

    Discord Nitro for customized emoji, enhanced voice chat, and HD screen sharing.

  • Engagement


    Memes, giveaway, bounty programs, AMA sessions, and community building activities.

  • Consistent Updates

    Consistent Updates

    Latest updates about NFT project, PR, and interactive sessions for audience engagement.

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Discord Server: The Secret To Your Million Dollars NFT Sales

Build Your Fans

Build Your Fans

As mentioned above, discord was built for game fans; therefore, it is one of the best ways to build your NFT popularity. With so many influencers out there on the platform, Discord is popular for influencer marketing.

Business Communities

Business Communities

Apart from NFT and crypto projects, we also manage business communities on discord, where we build large and organized servers to ensure that you can effectively communicate with your audience.

Faster Service To Customers

Faster Service To Customers

Discord is built to connect with your users in a meaningful way; therefore, you can improve your customer service by reducing the communication gap and elevating high-quality user engagement for your project.

Great Features

Great Features

The platform gets you closer to your audience with its great audio sync features, bots, and live streams without any lag or delay for your group meetings. You can also create large servers as the platform provides support to handle all data.

Industries We Cover For Discord Marketing Services



We build engaging gaming communities for your metaverse project and post exclusive content to help you build an engaging community.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

We build sustainable communities of growing entrepreneurs to promote their NFT marketplace and attract some of the world’s best digital art creators.



NFT is all about fan communities. Therefore, we help you build and maintain successful NFT communities on discord.



Our Crypto Marketing Agency can help you get the recognition your digital currency deserves with our data-driven discord marketing strategies.



We help you achieve effective fundraising by following the best discord marketing strategies.

NFT P2E Games

NFT P2E Games

Do you want to drive gamers to your NFT play-to-earn game? We can help you achieve your goals by utilizing discord.



DeFi or Decentralized Finance needs effective support from discord servers for promotion. We make your DeFi contracts even more smarter.



Our result-oriented discord marketing strategies help you in driving the audience to your STO or Security Token offering projects.



We offer a diversity of IEO discord marketing services to attract genuine investors to raise funds apart from bounty hunters & airdrop participants.

Eon8 For Discord Marketing ?

Our discord marketing agency is known for its unique content, a team of seasoned writers, expert analysts, and updated strategies. We stay ahead of the market by using the latest features on Discord to our advantage and never failing to update our strategies to meet modern standards. Our NFT discord marketing company gives your brand a personality and improves your cool factor - ultimately, you don’t just make it to the top of the industry; you retain your top spot consistently! Don’t have time to start your community from scratch, we will help you tap into fan-made groups and actively improve your brand image and online presence! Head over to our NFT discord marketing company to know more about our discord services and get a customised plan and package for your community.

  • Global Branding
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Insightful Approach
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Some Common Discord Marketing FAQs

Discord is a popular platform for gamers to build their community to discuss game-related issues. Over the years, the platform has become popular across all industries, from art to economy & from sports to politics. Just like any other social media platform, you can use discord for marketing. Marketing in discord doesn’t mean you can post ads, but you have to build a community of like-minded people.

Here’s how you can use discord for marketing

  • Build a highly- moderated community.
  • Add bots to make your server interactive.
  • Offer excellent customer service.
  • Post memes and creative content.
  • Share blogs, articles, industry related content.

Discord servers contain all of the tools that a platform needs to support huge corporate groups. You can exchange large amounts of data with your users or have high-quality audio and video conversations. The platform facilitates contact with customers both inside and outside of your business. Apart from its excellent audio sync capability, it is also reasonably priced and provides a wide range of integrations. Overall, creating a community on Discord is a definitive plus.

An NFT discord community is a place where you can find NFT holders, traders, collectors, and investors. You can tap your project into discord to ensure you can drive value to your NFT project. Here’s how you can build & manage your NFT community on discord.

  • Create a professional server with channels.
  • Create hype about your discord server.
  • Maintain consistent interaction within your discord server.
  • Create rules.
  • Host Events.
  • Add bots & share memes.
  • Create an engaging discord server.
  • Launch your discord server on social media platforms.
  • Promote your NFT discord server via paid ads.
  • Learn from your potential competitors.
  • Build exclusive community channels.
  • Make meaningful interactions with your customers.

Bots make your discord server active, and this feature makes discord unique when compared to any other platform. Whether you want your users to play a game or you want to play music on discord, you have a bot for everything.

  • Mee6 - It is one of the best bots you can add in discord as it can send welcome messages, kick users who post ads and spam content, and give reaction roles.
  • Dyno - It is a feature enrich bot, but its best job is moderation as it autoban users who post irrelevant or obscene content within your server.
  • Collab land- If you want a private NFT discord community for your project, then you can add this bot where a user can only join your server if they verify their wallet.
  • Dank Memer -Your NFT community, cannot be boring; therefore, dank memer can add that fun element to your community as it encourages creative memes within the conversation.
  • Musically - If you want your users to listen to music in their discord server, you can install the musically bot within your discord server.
  • Open Sea Sales Bot - If you want to share updates about the latest NFT launch on Open Sea within your discord server, then you can install this bot.
  • Pingcord - A discord bot that notifies your NFT community about the latest updates on your NFT project’s social media platforms.
  • Ticket tool - If your users have doubts, they can raise tickets and connect with the support team, who can guide them within the discord server.

The cost of hiring an NFT discord marketing agency starts from 5000 USD to 25000 USD. Our NFT discord marketing agency has sorted discord marketing packages that perfectly align with the scope of your project. We also provide a customized discord marketing package based on your budget.

You can hire our NFT discord management agency that has a wide range of experience in building & moderating communities for NFT projects. Our expert discord community managers can transform your boring discord community into an active community which in turn can help you promote your NFT project.

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If you want to win the NFT market, then you will need a solid NFT marketing strategy. Our wide range of experience and extensive market research back us and help us in building a successful NFT marketing campaign for your NFT growth.

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