Propulsive Social Media Marketing Services

Before kicking things off, we develop a rock-solid social media marketing strategy tailored specially to your business and its objectives. This includes creating a compelling content plan to guide and influence the direction, style, and tone of your posts across different channels. With our successful team of experts, we create bespoke content that is appropriate for each social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Eye-catching graphic designs, animations, and videos from our specialists can make users stop scrolling past the feed and notice our content. Once our creative content generated buzz online, we use the available social media advertising tools to maximize the reach of your post and Return-on-Investment. We also make sure that the content reaches the target audience and they are redirected to the company's website ultimately.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing services that propel your business to new heights 🚀🚀

Profile Setup & Optimization

We create a trustworthy company profile for each of our clients across all platforms where they desire to expand their business.

Social Media Management

We provide full-service social media management to attract and engage your existing and new audience.

Social Media Branding

Social media is not a platform to promote your products, it is a platform where you build brands and we do it on behalf of you.

Social Media Ads

We help you set up and run social media ads that drive improved results at lower costs to help you grow.

Community management

We connect your brand with prospective consumers & like-minded people to build a loyal community.

Lead Generation

We just don’t provide you with marketing strategies & social media content. When you hire us, you get leads & conversions.

Social Media Platforms to we work with

Increased technological advancements led to increased use of the social media platforms around what the world revolves now. So, it’s vital for your business to make footprints on Social Media too.

Facebook Marketing

Gets your business to reach a big crowd among the 2 billion+ users on Facebook

Instagram Marketing

Being the most engaging platform, Instagram helps your business reach potential audience

LinkedIn Marketing

If business people are your target, LinkedIn can create the biggest impact for your business

Youtube Marketing

Promotes your business through eye-grabbing videos across the popular channels on Youtube

Social Media Marketing Process Flow


Strategizing new techniques to empower your business


Design attractive creatives according to your business needs


Generating the best campaigns to promote your goals


Analyse, monitor and report the results of the campaigns

Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing Agency For Small Business

One of the most common problems for the majority of the small and medium scale businesses is they hardly have investments to run their business. In such cases, hiring a social media marketing agency for small business can help your startup in competing with the business tycoons.

Our social media marketing company is popular for achieving goals within a shorter span of time. We love competition as it gives us a chance to improve and edge our potential competition. We believe that every business needs brand value irrespective of whether it is Amazon or an old-school startup.

Packages For Social Media Promotion Services

Our social media promotion Agency follow an result-oriented approach and have successfully delivered impactful social media marketing solutions to all our clients. The packages are made while observing every single detail from profile optimization to SMM as we understand the value of your investment. We have also made a compilation of services that our social media promotion company delivers in the below mentioned Social Media Marketing packages to ensure that we always have a package that fits your business as well as your budget. Check out individual social media promotion packages below to get a detailed information.


A social media marketing agency will handle all aspects of your social media marketing campaign. The leading-edge strategies and resources delivered by these agencies will deliver the most deserving value for your investment.

The cost of social media marketing services varies from one company to another. They will also offer different packages you can pick based on your budget and requirements.
It is can be challenging to choose a social media marketing agency in Chennai due to the overwhelming availability of options. EON8 is a leading social media marketing agency in Chennai with a premium range of marketing services.
Social Media marketing is a cost-effective way to reach the masses and connect with them on a personal level. You are interacting with customers on platforms where they spend the most time.
EON8 has a track record of guaranteeing measurable success to brands. Our impactful social media marketing strategies are sure to drive better leads and sales for your business.
Social Media Promotions For Business can help you engage your target customers and can help you find out what your customers are saying about your business. You can use social media for various activities like advertising, promotion, giveaways, and hosting events for your business. You can also encourage your target audience and get customer feedback on social media.


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