Instagram has never been popular in the past, like now, and it is one of the prominent reasons why every brand on earth is chasing social media platforms for marketing. With over one billion users on the social media platform, there is no doubt that you have to improve your campaign performance to win the highly competitive market.

So, the problem with most small and medium-scale businesses is that they don’t find adequate resources or lack the financial capability to hire a professional Instagram Advertising Agency for their business. 

We have decided to develop this content to help all those small and medium scales entrepreneurs who want to run ads on the social media platform but don’t have sufficient financial resources to achieve the goal. 

So, let’s quickly get started!

But before we can get started, here’s a detailed overview of why Instagram advertising or PPC management on the world’s most popular social media platforms is essential for your business. 

Significance of Running Ads On Instagram

Advertisements are conventional, but they are one of the most important ways to make a business profitable. Here are some of the key reasons why you should integrate the visual platform with advertising and how it can change the way your brand. 

Two-in-One Platforms: The first and foremost advantage of using Instagram ads is they are well-connected with the Facebook campaign manager; therefore, you get to take advantage of facebook’s advertising tools. One more advantage of Instagram ads is that you can tap into the audience from both platforms. 

Engage New Audience Within Your Business: According to recent research, organic engagement from social media posts has started decreasing, and excessive competition is one of the key reasons behind the dip; therefore, it is best to focus on paid ads efforts before everyone starts chasing the trend. 

Turn Your Engaging Posts Into Ads: One of the best advantages of running ads on Instagram is that you can transform your existing posts on social media platforms into Instagram ads, which can be quite essential.

Keeping Up With The Trends: One of the prominent takeaways of focussing on the advertising race on Instagram is it is one of the newest trends. Therefore, you should not miss out on being the best on social media. 

So, now that you know why it is essential to run advertisements on Instagram let’s get into one of the most important sections of the content, where you will learn some of the best Instagram Ads practices that are essential for your business. 

1: Use Your Text Wisely:

If you have tried to advertise on Instagram, you must have learned that the social media platform only allows 2200 characters that you can use for a caption. In addition, only two rows of your caption will be visible to the audience, and everything else will be chopped off. So, you have to use minimum content to impress your audience.

2: Learn To Optimize & Implement:

To be honest, not all your ads will drive leads and conversions as expected; therefore, you have to learn the importance of testing and optimizing your ads to make the most of your advertising campaigns on social media. One of the key takeaways of testing, optimizing, and implementing ads on Instagram is that you can make the most of your budget and improve performance, ultimately driving conversions for your business.

3: Focus On The First Three Seconds of Advertisements

Customer attention is everything when you are running ads on Instagram. Therefore, you must focus on expressing your products or services within three to four seconds of your advertisements to ensure you can make the most of your business. Moreover, you have to also emphasize that you are running ads to make your audience understand who you are and what you will sell. Sometimes, focussing on the basics is quite enough rather than trying and testing unorthodox strategies on the social media platform.

4: Video Ads Drive More Leads:

There is no doubt that the millennial generation loves to enjoy video content. Therefore, you must focus on video ads rather than carousels or stories. You have to also learn how to create and publish a narrative video ad that is connected with your customers’ emotions. 

Hiring a Professional Instagram Advertising Agency

Instagram ads can potentially drive leads and even sales for your brand; therefore, you cannot take half-chances and end up losing money by implementing poor ad practices. You can hire a professional Instagram advertising agency to help you run ads on the popular social media platform. So, what are you waiting for? Hire the Best Instagram marketing agency and run ads that speak for themselves.