A business requires to review its social standing as well the brand value at every periodic timeline to analyse the changes required to be implemented. At EON8, this is initiated by examining the brand’s current reputation, the competition and its reputation and also both the market standings. In case of any threats discovered, we investigate the aspect of your brand image that requires re-imaging.

EON8’s strategic ORM does not just manage reputation, but also engages in monitoring it. We monitor the web continuously, to keywords of your brand and are alert to handle any threat detected. We also assist clients to draft responses where absolutely required.

Every business has to form an online reputation monitoring system to stay updated of the happenings and saying across the Internet and social media about your concern. Moreover, monitoring system help to anticipate, follow and control unwanted buzz and potential crises. An effective monitoring system can watch your competitors or even their products and services which are similar to your own.

Monitoring your online reputation is vital. Why and how?

For any business or brand, integrating an online reputation monitoring system is trivial. It allows you to stay on top of reputation among the online audience. Being a long-term commitment, online reputation management and monitoring need to be carried out by following these steps

  • Evaluate state of play, target niche audiences and activity
  • Define goals, key metrics, targets and editorial line
  • Plan a set of procedures considering the business growth
  • Manage and implement process that lend credibility
  • Monitor using tools and do a thorough analysis after

We determine, then analyse and endorse the right content tailored for your business. And later we use an Online Reputation Monitoring system to keep an eye on it and maintain the business online presence.

Let us break down the process for you: once we identify the negative content, we try to lower the traffic on the pages and promote positive content. These are done at the same time by increasing the traffic to the positive reviews. Due to the high traffic generated, it gets listed first in our case over the negative search results. We bring traffic to optimistic content by using links, blogs, testimonials. We follow this only when the search results cannot be removed permanently. In most cases, we can remove negative search results, with tools and steps to achieve it.