Removing complaints from Google search results

We understand that you are willing to go to any extent to save your brand’s reputation. But you needn’t go too far if you seek help from the right source. Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) agency can help safeguard your company’s reputation by helping you remove complaints from Google search results. If your company is based in Chennai, Eon8 is your best answer. We help you remove complaints from online media and any kind of negativity from consumers.

We understand that the reputation of your company depends on how satisfied your customers are. So, maintaining a positive public reputation is vital for the survival of your business. Eon8 helps identify the importance of these public opinions to a company or business. The main task is to permanently remove the complaints from online media before a large number of consumers see them.

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Which online platforms do we remove complaints from

Which online platforms do we remove complaints from?

Online platforms are the ideal place to promote content. Hence, it is important to remove complaints from Google search results as well as social platforms. But carefully removing negative complaints from online platforms is a worrisome job. There are a few top platforms that you should know about to build the business. Eon8 identifies the target audience ideal for your products and services. This subsequently helps us promote content on appropriate platforms. The top social media sites are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

Strategies to remove online complaints

We strive hard to leave no stone unturned. We achieve the impossible with the help of an efficient team and effective administrative tools. Since our research is thorough and we detect negative reviews of your business on every social platform imaginable, it will take us about a week to remove all comments completely. Some of our popular strategies that have been tried and tested to recover your positive reputation are:

  • Remove negative content from a source or Google.
  • Push negative comments, reviews, or any other irrelevant content lower in search results and social platforms.
  • Add more positives.
  • SEO to improve search results
  • Monitor people’s views about your business or brand
Strategies to remove online complaints

It is strenuous to protect your reputation and to maintain the reputation you earn. Be it an individual or an expert, the stress it gives is tremendous. By including progressively positive surveys, the negative audits or reviews are pushed lower in search results or are even evacuated. Inevitably, the opposition is flawless in any field. We additionally keep an eye on SEO, which involves using popular keywords, phrases, or terms that will bring the name of your products, services, or administration to the top of search results. By improving your rankings, you can increase the traffic on your website and make faster conversions.

What do we do?

What do we do

Ensuring that individuals have a decent picture of your organization is of paramount importance to us. We likewise support reports and surveys of the clients. We post great remarks and compose them so that the public’s perception of your organization is protected. Likewise, a customer’s negative reviews are pushed down, if necessary.

The surveys posted concerning an item can demolish your business’s reputation. Eon8 efficiently deals with ORM administrations. We offer the best ORM packages that incorporate erasing, blocking fake accounts, evacuating negative audits, and removing negative reviews from clients.


Customers research brands on social media and search engines (predominantly Google) before making investments. Hence, it is of paramount importance to ensure that your brand’s reputation online is positive and highlights the right aspects of your business. By removing complaints and negative reviews from Google search results, you can ensure that the customer’s first impression of your brand is positive.

Yes, it is important to pay attention to what people have to say about your brand and even more important to ensure other customers don’t get influenced by it. By deleting negative comments and derogatory remarks from online platforms, you can safeguard the reputation of your business online.

Deleting negative reviews, adding good comments using frequently used keywords, removing derogatory remarks from fake accounts, and blocking unwanted accounts are some common strategies to protect your online reputation. By adding good comments on social platforms, you can push down bad reviews lower in search results.

It takes us about a week to completely research social platforms your business is active on and detect negative reviews concerning your brand. After our thorough research, we can begin removing all the negative comments and replacing them with favorable ones. On the whole, the process is dynamic and takes time, but results in long-lasting benefits.