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At EON8, an Amazon Marketing Agency, we take a comprehensive approach in creating the perfect Marketing campaigns for your products. By performing competitive research in understanding your client base and what propels their purchasing decision, we devise the perfect marketing strategy to boost your sales. Our Adept Amazon Marketing Consultants begin by analyzing your existing marketing campaigns, set the best practices, refine your advertisement system and focus on the return on investment (ROI). We deliver a customized marketing campaign that is highly refined and connects with your target audience.

Amazon Advertising Agency

"To maximize your products marketing campaign, you require the expertise of an experienced and result-driven Amazon advertising Agency"

How we obtain results

Strong Strategy

We formulate and deliver adept Amazon marketing strategies.

Smart Technology

Our advanced technology uses Amazon’s API and proprietary algorithms to meet your objectives and goals.

Substantial Sales & Growth

Our goal is to boost your sales and grow your business. At EON8 we always deliver.

Our experience

Our extensive experience has crowned us as one of the leading Amazon Marketing Company in the online space. For over 13 years our marketing einsteins have been delivering scalable solutions to over hundreds of clients worldwide. We specialize in ranking your products organically and improve your conversion and retention rate on the Amazon platform. Our team optimizes customer experience and creates opportunities for long-term shoppers and brand advocates when interacting with your brand.

We offer a one-stop solution for all your Amazon branding, research, marketing, copywriting, consulting, Amazon SEO and other service requirements. So when you work with EON8, you are not just getting an experienced team that helps enhance your sales, but you also receive the highest return on investment possible.

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Our Amazon Advertising Services

Amazon Product Listing Ads

We help improve your product visibility and promote them based on precisely targeted searches with Sponsored Product Ads. The searches are based on your business logic, market trends, historical data, and our combined experience with similar vendors in the industry. We ensure you appear alongside organic results and pay only when users click your ads. So whether you are looking to promote your new product, clear excess inventory, or just sell more, Product Ads with EON8 is the right way to go.

Amazon SEO

To achieve top ranking on Amazon, you require dedicated time, strong effort and unshakable commitment. We identify top search queries with our Product Listing Optimization (PLO) and tailor your content/text and concerned images towards obtaining them. Our adept Amazon SEO consultants work to understand and determine the optimal product variable approach. Additionally, we ensure this would help you gain positive reviews from your customers.

Amazon Display Advertising

Even though most Amazon sellers focus on Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS), we help our clients achieve long term branding. With Amazon’s Display Advertising (Brand Ads) we help build brand awareness and increase recall to the buyers/audience on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Product Reviews

One of the most popular features on Amazon, positive product reviews ensure good brand awareness and impact sales. Our unique product reviews solution ensure customers are welcomed with positive reviews and shoot up your conversion rates. We know your products are remarkable, so we ensure customers on Amazon marketplace are made aware of the same.

Amazon Cataloguing services

Our proficient Amazon Advertising Consultants offer high-quality digital catalog to help provide unforgettable customer experience and boost sales on Amazon marketplace. So whether its product imaging editing, product description or even content creation, we do it all.

Amazon Text Ads

Utilize keyword-based targeting with Amazon Text Ads. Our solutions are designed to let you reach and engage buyers at every stage of their shopping journey. Our solutions range from brand/product awareness to purchase.

What we offer:
Amazon Advertising Solutions
  • End-to-end management of Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Products, and Product Display Advertisement campaigns covering your complete product catalog.
  • Meet performance-based requirements to appear in the prime listing as an Amazon seller.
  • Manage bids at the individual keyword level with our auto-bidding technology.
  • Assist in securing high customer service ratings and optimize other determining factors to help you win Amazon Buy Box.
  • Real-time keyword harvesting for Sponsored products Campaigns.
  • Smooth transition from a click on an Amazon Display Ad to your product being added in a customer’s cart, ensuring a complete organic shopping experience
  • Dedicated team for the planning of Advertising Strategy and Implementation.
Amazon Agency

Amazon Advertising Services Pricing Plans

Features Basic Premium Enterprise
Product Keyword Research (Up to 10 keywords per product) (Up to 20 keywords per product) (Up to 30 keywords per product)
Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialist
Online Project Management System
Guide to Product Advertisement
Campaign Strategy & Setup
Keyword Research - Negative
Ad Copy Creation
Campaign Bid Adjustments
Different Ads: Sponsored Ads for Product (Registered Clients), Display Ad for Products (Vendors)
Special Session Handling; Coupons, Lighting Deals, Promotions etc.
Recommendations: Subscribing and Saving
Handling of Campaigns: Manual and Automatic
Competitor Analysis


Monthly Reports
One-Time Fee
$2500 Account Setup
$1500/Month $3000/Month $6000/Month

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