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Being the Best LinkedIn B2B lead Generation Agency in India, we ensure your brand establishes professional connections and works as an efficient enterprise on LinkedIn. From setting up a profile to creating content and optimizing it, we handle every step of your LinkedIn needs.

LinkedIn is a great social platform to market your business and products through advertising. This is because a lot of users use it as a platform to research brands and what people have to say about their services. The chances of a customer connecting with a brand and making a purchase are higher on LinkedIn than any other social media platform owing to its credibility and legitimacy. As a LinkedIn Marketing Agency , we cater to all your social and marketing needs and ensure your business grows in reach and awareness.


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Our LinkedIn lead generation agency leaves no stone unturned when it comes to digital marketing and social media promotions. Over 500 million professionals use LinkedIn to promote their business as well as to meet new businesses. This caters to a global community and generates leads that last a lifetime.

We help you network with professionals and engage them with compelling content to double the buying power of online audiences. We keep your profile and real-time product details on your website updated to ensure that when customers visit your website after viewing details through your LinkedIn ads, they aren’t disappointed.

LinkedIn is the world’s number one B2B platform according to a recent survey and our LinkedIn marketing agency targets the right audience and key decision-makers. We furnish you with detailed demographic details and frequent reports and growth assessments. This ensures that you receive what you pay for if not much more!

LinkedIn Advertising Services of B2B Business

Furthermore, we manage your reputation and ensure your business comes off as an expert in your industry when you put our experts on LinkedIn Marketing for Business growth.. With LinkedIn’s new stories feature, content can be projected more efficiently and in engaging ways. We present to you a pre-planned content plan and a range of LinkedIn ads to choose from as per your business policies.

Our LinkedIn Advertising Services

There is a plethora of LinkedIn ads that our LinkedIn B2B lead generation agency is well versed in. our agency incorporates an eclectic blend of all these types of ads to elicit a maximum response from your audience. This subsequently increases your Return on Investment (ROI) and sales. These ads include:

linkedin ads

LinkedIn Text Ads

These ads generally appear on the side of your LinkedIn feed. They are attractive but not as eye-grabbing and memorable owing to their pure textual content. This will ensure that customers remember your brand name after seeing your ads and their chances of visiting your website increase.

LinkedIn video ads

LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn video ads are eye-grabbing video content that is posted on LinkedIn feeds. They are ideal options for this generation, as customers are more likely to consume details via videos, alongside rich text to communicate your brand’s highlights to the customer effectively.


LinkedIn Sponsored in-Mail

Our LinkedIn marketing agency in Chennai provides sponsored in-mail facilities as well, which offer personalized emails to customers. They aren’t one size fits all, contrary to popular belief, and can be customized to suit specific audiences with particular tastes and preferences. 


LinkedIn Sponsored Ads

These ads appear with a small ‘Sponsored’ tag on top and come over LinkedIn feeds. They are a combination of attractive images, videos, text, and infographics. They are hard to miss owing to the space they take up and the rich-media of the native advertising.

Our Unique B2B LinkedIn Marketing Services

We are the best LinkedIn marketing agency owing to our holistic approach to your business promotion on social media. We begin by creating your profile and include the right keywords as per an SEO analysis in your title, business description, content, ads, and so on. Furthermore, we promote this page and its content through LinkedIn’s B2B marketing platform for optimum results.

We are entirely transparent with our activities and you have the final say when it comes to anything that goes on on your page. You get to approve the content, choose the nature of the ads, decide who your target audience is and which locations to target. We optimize these choices by deciding when best to post and promote the content and what language would be ideal to persuade the audience and make your content trend.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Services

Our Linkedin Promotion Packages

Small Business

Linkedin Promotion Package

199 USD Monthly


Mid Size Business

Linkedin Promotion Package

299 USD Monthly


Large or Ecommerce

Linkedin Promotion Package

399 USD Monthly



LinkedIn shows a maximum of 500+ connections on a person’s/business’s profile. This is majorly to emphasize the importance of quality and the need to connect with quality people. Although there is no reward system for people who reach 500+ connections, they enter a special community that very few have entered and receive benefits from search algorithms.

On the other hand, the maximum number of people you can connect with on LinkedIn is 30,000. Once you reach this number, LinkedIn will not allow you to connect with any new users.

The Sales Navigator feature is similar to selling on social media. It is a sales prospecting tool that permits businesses to build leads and use LinkedIn as a platform to nurture their connections. It basically allows users and businesses to use social channels online to sell their products and services.

There are several simple yet effective ways to improve your brand awareness on LinkedIn through organic search results as well as paid ads. Just setting up the right profile image and adding an appropriate background image can impact users a lot. Your background image is almost like the unpaid ad area that you can use to highlight upcoming events, brand USPs and other features. We add headlines and business descriptions that are compelling and not just job titles.

Our thorough research team will run a background check on your business as well as analyze search results and SEO. This will include researching people’s search history to understand what they are looking for and what specifications they have for it among a lot more research. We then connect their needs to your products and services. By showing them exactly what they want when they need it, we can improve your chances of making a sale.


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