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The internet marketing scene is exploding with the growing demand for Amazon SEO experts. So, if you are looking at end-to-end assistance for managing your products, advertisements and other requirements, we are your reliable solution providers. EON8 offers the right mix of marketing services to enhance your sales on Amazon marketplace.

Reasons why you should hire our Amazon SEO experts:

  • Elevates your product ranking on Amazon search engine
  • Enhance product discoverability
  • Increase Buy Box traffic
  • Reduce counterfeit listings
  • Boost your product sales
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To boost sales, we help make your products more visible than your competitors’, so shoppers find you more often.

Expert SEOs for Amazon Product Description

Product description plays a major role in optimization as it comprises of all crucial details about your product that visitors should know. Our content professionals design and deliver top-grade product descriptions by using the best combination of keywords to rank your product on top of Amazon’s product page result.

  • Keyword optimized unique product description
  • Effective sales copy to make users buy
  • Superior product description
  • Improve from other products reviews
  • Listing points to address customer concerns
  • Target strong product features
Amazon SEO Services
Amazon SEO Experts

Headline Optimization

Headline and image optimization is one of the most crucial factors to boost organic product findings. Our experts create and optimize the best headline, image, and video for your product to ensure substantial sales.

  • Optimizing product headlines
  • Subheadings to target additional keywords
  • Image Optimization
  • Exceptional quality photo to each listing
  • Short videos describing products

Amazon Paid Promotions

We help build traffic via advanced Amazon paid promotions. Our skilled SEO geeks devise the best plan to generate positive reviews and sales with timely press-releases, special deals for buyers, special campaigns and much more.

  • Press release
  • Daily deals for product
  • Product link building
  • Offer coupons
  • Review generation campaign
Amazon SEO Optimization
Amazon SEO Agency

Strong Amazon Keyword Strategy

Our dedicated SEO experts perform comprehensive research on high intensity and low-intensity keywords to target your product on the Amazon platform. The list of keywords will assist in boosting your traffic and conversions.

  • Amazon Keyword Research
  • Distinctive keyword strategy
  • List products to the most relevant categories
Price Optimization

Pricing can play a key role in positive conversion. Our SEO masters determine the right prices after thoroughly analyzing the competitors' prices and the pattern of buyers and visitors.

  • Analysing competitors prices
  • Determine the best price for the product
Amazon SEO Services
Amazon SEO Experts
Ad Spend

We strategically plan and promote ads to help build the right traction and boost the conversion rate from cart to checkout all way long. Ads to the right audience will ensure you spend less and garner better results.

  • Amazon sponsored products
  • Pinterest promoted pins
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Promoted posts

Amazon SEO Consultants Pricing Plans

Features Basic Premium Enterprise
Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialist
Solo Products: Keyword Research
Product Cataloging| Mapping of Keywords| Optimization
Additions of Search Terms
Category Wise Optimization
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Maintenance
Best Practices for Photography - Complete Guide
Complete Product Photography with third party collaboration for best results
Brand Registry Support
Product Suggestions- Parent / Child
Rate Monitoring for In-Stock Products
Percentage Monitoring for Perfect Ordering
Rate Monitoring for Defect in order
Analysis of Total End user Engagement
Monthy Report
Cost/Month $999 $1,999 Call for quote

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