BMW, a prominent automobile manufacturer from Germany, has decided to get into the decentralized market and has filed for its brand’s Metaverse trademarks effectively. The automobile giant has entered the market with a bang and has applied for its logo and non-fungible tokens in virtual environments and metaverse.

The application also covers a wide-range of multimedia files like text, audio, video, and others featuring vehicles and downloaded computer programs such as toys, vehicles, and accessories related to the automobile manufacturer, as reported by Michael Kondoudis. 

In this blog, we will discuss the joining of BMW in the NFT metaverse trademarks license and how it will affect the upcoming market. 

We will be covering some of the important topics, like why the majority of the top brands are interested in NFT Focussed Marketing and how it can drive more value for their business.

What is an NFT Virtual Land?

NFT, or Non-Fungible Asset is a one-of-a-kind digital asset, and virtual land stored securely on the blockchain that no one can manipulate. Simultaneously, a virtual land exists in the virtual world and can be purchased using NFT. The combination of NFT and virtual land will play a significant role in revenue generation, and the industry is surprisingly thriving.

NFT will be critical in providing digital ownership of virtual lands. You’re probably wondering why someone would invest in a land that will only be available in the virtual world. There are numerous benefits to becoming a virtual world digital landowner.

Some well-known brands, such as Adidas and Coca-Cola, have expressed a strong interest in purchasing NFT virtual lands, demonstrating their popularity. However, the value of the plot or virtual land varies depending on the virtual world’s utility, speculation, and social media popularity.

Now, even some top brands like Hyundai and Ford have joined the market along with BMW in the virtual world.

So, now that you know how it works let us understand whether NFT virtual land is worth the investment.

Is it worthwhile to invest in virtual worlds?

A lot of people have reservations about the virtual world. As previously stated, a virtual world is an intangible asset, and why would people want to invest in virtual worlds that will have no real-world value?

Most financial experts believe that if there is no non-fungible asset, the value of the virtual world will be zero. Virtual world creators are grateful to the NFTs for allowing them to sell their virtual lands to prospective customers.

Finally, we are heading into a virtual world where possibly everything will be available online, from the favorite food we eat to the favorite brand we love. You can also make the most of your NFT Project by partnering with a highly-experienced NFT marketing agency that can help your project grow. 

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