The FIFA fever is getting closer to the knockout stages, and it has started affecting almost every brand that wishes to enter the decentralized market. Some of the top brands like BMW, Pepsi and now Coca-Cola have decided to enter the market with a new NFT collection titled ‘Piece of Magic’, which will have memorable moments of the FIFA world cup. 

Key takeaways:

  • Users and FIFA fans from all over the world will have complete access to the non-fungible tokens, and they can make the most of the NFT collection. 
  • As decentralized Finance and the web 3.0 world move forwards, partnerships like these are going to be normal.

In this blog, we will discuss the soft-drink tycoon’s partnership with to release the NFT collection and how it will affect the overall market. 

So, let us quickly get started with the blog without taking further time!

The intersection of Art and Sports will make a perfect combo

On December 5, 2022, one of the most popular NFT artists, GMUNK, decided to launch an NFT collection from the current FIFA world cup, which is going on in Qatar, where some of the top teams in the world are competing against each other. 

The artist who is responsible for the NFTs has shared that the individual heat maps of all the NFTs will play a crucial role in the overall NFT collections. Apart from that, an official from the FIFA world cup also shared their opinion over the NFTs and described the NFT collection as amazing and breathtaking. 

Apart from that, the marketing manager of also mentioned that this year’s FIFA world cup would be the first of its kind, providing room for NFTs within its space. 

“It is an honour to collaborate with Coca-Cola and GMUNK to immortalize these great matches on the blockchain,” he continued before describing NFTs as a new type of memorabilia.

CRO Token’s Raise:

The CRO token from is gaining a lot of value after the news came out on Monday, which has also paved the way for a positive sign for the Coca-Cola NFT collection in the highly-competitive market. 

The CRO token has climbed around 10%, which is a massive rise in the token’s value, making it one of the top-most performing digital assets around the world. 

However, the decline in the price of the CRO token by 50% since its high value before the FTX crumbled the entire crypto market around the world. 

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