Case Study – Cake Square Chennai


Cake Square

Cake Square is a pioneer in the online cake shop model and provides home delivery services in Chennai for all occasions. Cake Square brings a rich culinary experience to the subtle art of baking and cake making. Using traditional techniques and the best ingredients, they offer cakes in a delicious variety of flavours.



Cake Square partnered with SA EON Softtech Pvt Ltd in order to build a brand name and become more visible on the internet. EON is a digital marketing agency with a team of creative experts that help businesses produce efficient marketing activities. Through daily Facebook posts and rigorous activities on Twitter, EON helps its clients reach more people through social media.


Cake Square aims at providing exceptional customer service and excellent baking skills to its customers. They strive to go the extra mile to undertaking 'midnight cake delivery' and 'doorstep delivery' for special occasions.


Cake Square did not have any website or presence on social media platforms and was struggling to climb the ladder and increase their reach to people. They approached EON to boost their social media visibility and generate more leads and gain customers.


EON created a dynamic and interactive website for Cake Square and directed to the site which increased the number of customers. Through Facebook and Google Ad campaigns, traffic was directed to the Cake Square website. The marketing team at EON ran various aggressive “Facebook Ad Campaigns” for Cake Square. These campaigns were aimed at building a brand name and popularity for the company on social media by increasing the “number of followers” on their Facebook page and making their FB ads visible to more Facebook users.

The creative and talented team of content writers and designers created the most intrinsic posts for their Facebook page. Including relevant hashtags increased the reach of each post.

Seasonal campaigns were run for this client to generate more leads during festivals. During New Year, Diwali and Christmas, their customised products were promoted aggressively on social media and this brought more customers to Cake Square.

When it came to “Google Ads”, EON ran multiple paid campaigns and bid at the most effective prices for as many keywords as possible.


Through all the Facebook campaigns, Cake Square established a strong fan base on social media. The brand name of Cake Square started to become more. Their Facebook page currently has 1,60,000 likes. Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms were created and traffic was generated to their pages. This improved their online value, reputation and reach to the public.

The Google Ads run by EON for Cake Square helped in building a good brand name for them. Their website was pulled up first on searching for cakes and delivery in Chennai.

The combined efforts on Facebook and Google slowly started to generate leads for the Cake Square website, and these leads were soon converted to actual customers. Through these Ad campaigns, Cake Square has now become a 30 lakhs generating business.


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