Case Study – Poorvika


Poorvika is a leading multi-brand retail chain that deals in mobile phones and
connections, accessories, recharges and internet data cards.



EON is a digital marketing agency with a team of creative experts that help businesses produce efficient marketing activities. Through daily Facebook posts and rigorous activities on Twitter, EON helps its clients reach more people through social media.


Poorvika aims at amalgamating the look, touch and feel of mobile outlets with the choice, convenience and elegance to its customers.


When Poorvika started its business, they did not have an active social media presence. This meant that there were no records of customer data and the company had no scope to study the nature of their prospective customers and grow in the industry.


Traffic was directed to the website through Facebook campaigns and this meant more people were visiting their website. The marketing team at EON ran various aggressive “Facebook Ad Campaigns” for Poorvika. These campaigns were aimed at building a brand name and popularity for the company on social media by increasing the “number of followers” on their Facebook page and making their FB ads visible to more Facebook users. Using relevant hashtags on Facebook also helped in reaching the niche audience.


Through all the Facebook campaigns, Poorvika established a strong fan base on social media. The brand name of Poorvika started to become more popular. Their Facebook page currently has 9,18,000 likes. The company brand reached 1.1 million people through a one-week Ad campaign for the promotion of Micromax. The efforts on Facebook slowly started to generate leads for Poorvika, and these leads were soon converted to actual customers that went to Poorvika’s showroom. Poorvika now has a huge fan base and many visitors on their site daily.