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We believe the app your business has developed is worth investing in and incorporate several strategies to ensure it reaches a vast audience. The importance of app store marketing lies in the fact that for your app to succeed, people need to be aware of it and use it. By investing in Eon8’s best app marketing strategies, you can be sure your app will find the right audience in no time!

Our digital marketing for app store services primarily involves identifying the right audience for your app. For example: If it is an entertaining game, it works better with young adults; while if your app is designed for productivity, it works better among working professionals. By identifying the right target audience based on demographics such as age, gender, location, lifestyle, interests, and so on, we can ensure that the people who see your app are the ones who will be interested in it.

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    Our writers and analysts are experienced in various industries and genres. By researching your brand, competitors who have launched similar apps, and how the audience received them, our team can come up with a new strategy to help your business succeed. Our app marketing strategies are updated to suit modern clients and changing search engine algorithms.

    We curate engaging content for your brand through which we understand your audience better. This way, if your app is still in the making, we can even learn more about which aspects customers expect in apps. We release polls and surveys on social media and promote your business to such an extent that your business can generate leads even before the app is released! Other than posts and SEO, we also undertake designing icons and generating creative content such as GIFs, app development videos, teasers, and trailers, etc.

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    We optimize your app store page and ensure it is mobile friendly for potential prospects. For promotions, we establish strong backlinks – both internal and external. Furthermore, we approach authentic press organizations, authorized websites, bloggers, influencers, and other renowned social media bodies. Influencers are a cheaper alternative to celebrity endorsements and this way; your app will get more reach and get popularity among the right circles. Invest in our best app marketing strategies and you can ensure your app will be equipped with press kits and launch materials as required.

    Some of our other promotional services include posting blogs, articles, and guest posts on well-known pages. Our social media campaigns and paid ads will be compelling and engaging for users to easily access your app on the app store. Our paid ads efficiently complement organic search results and hence, by using the right keywords and hashtags in your product descriptions, meta descriptions, titles, and subheadings, we can enhance your chances of getting found.

    Choosing platforms for online presence

    Choosing platforms for online presence

    Choosing which platforms to promote your app and brand name matters a lot. If your goal is to generate leads and connect with long-lasting clients, our digital marketing for app store agency recommends LinkedIn. If you would rather engage your clients and build your brand name, we recommend Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. The result, no matter which platform you choose is better brand awareness and more customers who are curious to try your app.

    The best digital marketing agency for app store marketing

    Eon8 offers the best digital marketing for app store owing to our affordable yet successful services. Our clients have not only improved their rankings and sales, but they have also managed to maintain their top position owing to our tireless consistency! Our company believes in complete transparency of data, both to your customers as well as our clients. We furnish frequent reports and insights as to how your business is growing and how the audience quality and count have improved.

    We track the performance of our posts and our team of analysts study why certain posts succeeded/failed. We reveal all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to your business to help you gain insights on your app’s performance and reach. We quickly respond to customer queries, fix bugs, and have a 24×7 available customer support team via call, email, and online.


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    App store marketing is the process of conducting digital marketing strategies to promote your app on the app store. By promoting your brand and app before, during, and after its launch on various social media platforms, you can enhance your brand visibility. This subsequently boosts your chances of getting found and making sales. Your business will witness faster conversions rather than just a mainstream of uninterested customers.

    Your app undoubtedly is very useful and will make your customers’ lives better. But it is of no use unless people know your brand exists and what your app does. Hence, by investing in an efficient digital marketing agency like Eon8, you can establish good app marketing strategies and boost your sales.

    Our services are not one size fits all. They can be tailor-made to suit your needs and our services are curated as per your business requirements. Furthermore, our packages are affordable and can be altered to suit your budget. Contact us today to discuss which services your business requires to promote your app on the app store.

    Some very common strategies include SEO, keyword selection, social media marketing, online campaigns, paid ads such as Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, and so on. These strategies will improve brand visibility and drive traffic to your app store page. Invest in our digital marketing for app store services to make faster conversions and meet clients who are genuinely interested in your app and content.