TTFB or ‘time to first byte’ is an important factor for SEO. Imagine that you wanted to know certain information regarding a particular aspect, the time each webpage takes to appear is TTFB. How does it affect SEO? When you type and if the page that appears first is yours, obviously a user will only prefer your webpage. But, if your page takes more time to appear, then the online view goes to another page. It is simple to understand that is if you provide the customer with the required information in no time, the online visibility of your page increases.

Similarly, if you click on the link provided in a website to another site, the time taken to the first piece of information to appear is TTFB. Now, that we know what is TTFB, you might be wondering what are the tools used to decrease the TTFB. We should realize that decreasing this requires professional experts and here is where EON8, the best digital company is there to help you. Always keep in mind that how low is your TTFB, that high would be your Google ranking.

EON8, with many years of experience and expertise in Digital marketing, can use professional tools along with their efficient team to help you out with this.

There are three components of TTFB.

  1. Request:
    When an internet browser goes to a site, it sends an HTTP request which gets directed and goes to in the long run, arrives at the server that has the website.
  2. Server processing:
    The server gets the response, forms it and sends back what was requested.
  3. Response:
    The response from the server gets steered and heads out back to the internet browser. TTFB is the time it takes for the primary bit of the response to arrive at the internet browser.

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How to reduce the TTFB?

Firstly if your page is loaded with lots of images, it might take longer time to load even if you have taken steps to lessen the TTFB. So, do not load or pile up your page with images. Keep it subtle and the amount in which is required. Second, and something which is out of any company’s hands is the location. Normally, TTFB is under 200 msec. Now, you need to access a website of Japan, then people of Japan might be accessing it earlier by a few seconds that you who is in India. There is no professional help that can be done here! There is a lot of work that can be done by a company like EON8.

TTFB is not a complex process and with proper analysis and content development, you can improve TTFB. EON8 always aims at customer satisfaction and strive harder to achieve the impossible for them.

However, before analysing TTFB, as a company, the positive reputation has to be taken care of. A digital marketing company like EON8 helps you achieve that too. It is not a herculean task. We develop SEO, through steps like mentioned above such as reducing TTFB. But before that, developing a positive reputation in every digital media is also equally important. A few steps we follow are:

  • Remove any outdated and negative content from Google or at the source.
  • Push down negative comments or reviews or any irrelevant content.
  • Add more positives.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve search results
  • Monitor the talk of the people about your business or brand