To start with, let’s be clear that communication is a very powerful tool. With every day passing, we are looking for ways to make our lives and other lives better, by re-inventing, creating, or re-purposing a project or a service. The generation of millennials and Gen z are all about self-employment, entrepreneurship, so there are tons of start-ups and businesses and ideas popping up. If there are businesses similar to yours offering the same services, how will you stand out from your competition? That is the million-dollar question. For a business to be successful, a guaranteed marketing strategy, long-term plans, solid online reputation and a strong team are needed. In this topic, we are going to see how essential an online reputation is for a business.

Why do you need to monitor your online reputation?

The Internet is the largest marketplace that sells all kinds of products and services.  You can buy anything you want whatever you wish to avail you can find it online, which is kind of scary and incredible at the same time. So, the first thing people do when they want to purchase something is to look it up online. Then read the reviews and buyers feedback about the product and also about the service of the business. This helps other potential buyers to know about the product before actually buying it. Coming on the first page of Google is important, but not having a positive response on the product can ruin all the work put into gaining the ranking. Having a good online reputation is imminent to convert the potential lead into a buyer.

How having a positive online presence will help your business?

When people search for or come across your business online, their perception of it is determined by your online reputation. As a result, online reputation management (ORM) controls what information individuals find proactively.

Various approaches and strategies, for example, can assist you to push undesirable and hazardous content lower down the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) by ranking more desirable content from your own or third-party sources above it. What is the significance of this? Because Google’s top five search results earn around two-thirds of all clicks.

However, ORM isn’t just about manipulating content in search engines. It’s also about dealing with bad customer feedback and encouraging positive feedback. According to a survey, 85% of people trust online reviews and require at least a 4-star rating before making a purchase.

How can Eon8 change your brand’s reputation?

At Eon8, we can repair your damaged online reputation, by systematically going through your online presence in social media, and other channels. We can remove fake reviews and links from websites and platforms by flagging them and reporting them. Reputation management is not only removing negative content online, it is building a brand’s positive image, by customers’ trust. This can be achieved by taking the overall online presence into consideration and building around it. We help elevate your business image by frequently monitoring for defacing content and parallelly building a positive image for your business/ brand by putting you in spotlight through paid ads, social platforms and other marketing tools. We provide online reputation management services in Chennai which includes complete social media management, SEO and video production with ad campaigns. Though we are an ORM agency based in Chennai we provide services across the country. Reach us today if you need us to make or repair your brand’s online reputation.