When it comes to effective social media marketing at a nominal cost to gain more brand awareness and sales, it is a great idea to promote NFT on Twitter. By engaging in such activities, you can improve your brand visibility and build a community for your NFT launch. Using Twitter as a marketing tool for your business is also a great idea to accelerate your sales.

It isn’t just about which services are available on Twitter. What matters is how you use them and how much you can extract out of your marketing budget. Partner with an experienced agency to make the most of the features available on Twitter to create specific content. Here are some reasons why Twitter will greatly benefit your business and which strategies will work to maximize your success rates!

The importance of community building

It is vital to building a community around your NFTs if you want your project to succeed. Without a strong community backing your project, there is no use in how good your collection is! You need people to stay loyal to your brand and stay eager to check out your new launches. The best places to maintain a community are on Discord and Twitter, owing to the quality of direct interactions you can have on these platforms. They are the ideal platforms to understand your audience’s preferences and curate personalized content to attract them.

Use your brand’s voice to understand your audience

If you are launching your very first NFT, it makes sense that you won’t yet have a strong follower base. Your focus should be on increasing awareness through interactions, communication, and frequent engagement. Twitter Spaces is a great way to establish your brand voice and broaden your reach on Twitter. The success of an NFT project depends upon the community surrounding it. You could even say that without a strong community, your NFTs will have no value!

Hence, it is of paramount importance to position yourself as a strong and welcoming community leader.

  • Join popular Twitter spaces and listen to what other creators have to share
  • Join an eminent space as a speaker
  • Be a part of a session and collaborate as a co-host
  • Create your own space as a host and share your insights
  • Listen! Listen to your audience and what insights they have to share about your NFTs. Use their feedback to know their preferences and improve your NFT collection

Add credibility to your project and convince NFT fans that your collection is capable of becoming the next big thing to look out for! It is also a great way to prompt engagement and interaction.

Bring in your A-game for engagement

Interactions are very important to create a rapport with your audience and with similar pages, you can collaborate. Networking consistently is truly one of the best (and organic) ways to reach potential investors for your NFTs and deepen your connections with existing users. You can achieve good interactions by:

Mentioning Popular Pages in your Tweets
Replying to notable tweets
Retweeting relevant content
Liking and engaging with content
Messaging accounts you wish to collaborate

For example, you can create a giveaway or bounty program to share your NFTs with collectors. This will improve your visibility in the community and broaden your reach. Enhance your reach by tweeting threads. This will bring in

More Followers
More engagement through likes
More response to your thread
Better visibility
More authenticity for your NFTs

Create value for your NFTs with interactive threads

Creating long-form Twitter threads is a great way to promote NFT on Twitter, it also leads to an increase in followers. Some popular threads could be based on:

  • Giveaways: A giveaway of ETH to anyone who drops their ETH address in the comments. You could also add actions like liking the tweet, retweeting it, tagging 3 NFT friends, and so on.
  • Feedback: Ask the audience to share their feedback on your NFT collection and what their preferences are for your next drop.
  • Engagement: Imagine it is cricket season. Ask your audience what their favorite moment was in cricket and create a sense of nostalgia. Tweets like these create a personality for your brand and project you as an authentic source.
  • Education: If there is a complex concept that a common man cannot understand, you can easily break this big idea down into more palatable pieces of information by creating a thread. Not just you, but anyone who knows the subject can share their insights.

These are all great ways to create value for your NFT collection and invest in new connections. You can project yourself as a welcoming space that facilitates discussions and educates the crowd to make informed investments.

Broaden your follower base with Twitter Parties

Another popular way to promote nft on Twitter is Twitter parties. These are scheduled chats that happen on Twitter wherein the host tweets from a script and asks questions openly to engage actively with whoever is logged in. It is an interesting way to broaden your follower base and encourage more people to follow you.

  • Specific questions are given to guests and they have to actively participate.
  • A designated hashtag is given to guests and they have to answer using them.
  • Guests are even given prizes to encourage more participation. This could be in the form of assets, ETH, or even early access to your next NFT collection drop.

Collab and Promote NFT on Twitter

Collaborating with an experienced agency will get you trending strategies to promote NFT on Twitter. Contact us to know all about NFT Twitter marketing and how to accelerate your digital brand awareness.

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