The maintenance of the reputation of your company or brand through various methods and tools is very important. So, removing complaints that are online and removing consumer complaints that are visible to a large audience must be deleted to maintain your business alive! For example, you get a consumer complaint in the most popular page like consumer board in Google. Your business will have an adverse effect from then. It would be indeed heartbreaking to see your dream falling away.

Digital marketing companies are not very rare in Chennai. The best among being EON8 with a handful of happy customers and many years of experience. Eon8 helps to remove the complaints, be it online posted in the most known search engine like Google or simply removing complaints from any consumer feedback site.

We at EON8 attempts to bring the best out of every company and help them cross the hardest phase in their business. There is an efficient team of EON8 that is specialized in the area of ORM services. ORM services include:

  • Remove any outdated and negative content from Google or at the source.
  • Push down negative comments or reviews or any irrelevant content from every platform, particularly Google.
  • Add more positives.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve search results
  • Monitor the talk of the people about your business or brand

While removing complaints the most important thing you should take care of is while you remove the negative complaints, you should add as much as the number of positive comments to the site.

It should always be remembered that when you start a business with positive responses and slowly gain negative reviews, the ranking of your brand and similarly the search results goes down. Any business needs to reach and fix its position in the world of business and for that purpose, a digital marketing agency can help you gain a positive reputation.

How many days it will take for removal of negative comment or review from Google?

In EON8, we try our hardest to build your reputation and remove every negative review from Google, since it is the most popular and used search engine among the public. As you know it is a world-wide platform and you cannot simply delete any review. Hence, we as a team detect negative comments and reviews and immediately start our process or pushing down the negative reviews. When the negative or fake reviews are pushed down, there are fewer chances for a customer to view any negativities of your brand. Hence, it might take up to a week or so for the whole process.

Our clients.

Poorvika mobiles, Cake square, VLCC, Ramraj cotton materials are our most renowned and apparent clients. You can envision the measure of difficult work they had to do to remove negative reviews and comments from Google and such platforms. Computerized promoting and the issue of maintaining an online reputation were significant issues. We, EON8 as a group are pleased to tell the public that through our ceaseless venture the organizations have been fruitful in making a picture in the general population.

We, eon8 provides all the customers with our most well-organized and welcoming service. Located in the heart of the city of Chennai, we can be approached anytime and from anywhere as our online services are also open.