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Social media Marketing is an essential part of any successful business. We believe a majority of your audience is online and it is best to bring your operations to where your audience is. We help your business grow by engaging your audience through the best social media marketing services. By investing in our social media marketing agency in Chennai, you can be sure the right target audience will find your business.

The best SMM agency in Chennai should not only lay a strong foundation by producing good content but also know how to optimize it to reach many users. The content should be engaging and elicit suitable emotions from your audience with attractive visuals and persuasive language. We cater to both these factors and are committed to constructing your business as much as you are.

Our innovative advertising and creative strategies to reach high rankings will always hit its mark. You will be able to build long-lasting connections with customers who are interested in your products and services rather than just seeing a monotonous stream of uninterested users.

Importance of Social Media Marketing Agencies

Personalized content undoubtedly grabs the audience’s attention. We understand that it’s difficult to engage an audience on social media when they spend a good part of their day surfing the web. But with consistent posts custom curated to appeal to a specific audience that has the right keywords they use to search for a business/product, we believe nothing is impossible.

With our team of professional writers and SEO analysts who specialize in understanding the audience psyche, we can curate the best textual, video, audio, rich media, infographics, etc. Our social media marketing agency in Chennai values both your inputs as well as customer queries and feedback. By enhancing user experience and showing them that they are valued, your ranking will soar high within a short span of time.

Enter your Website,

    Our SMM Services are

    Being the best SMM agency in Chennai, we offer a plethora of SMM services to cater to your every need. From setting up social media pages if necessary to generating industry-specific content, we handle everything. Some of the platforms we provide our best social media marketing services include:



    Facebook is not only where social media marketing began but also where it is most effective even now. Our social media marketing company in Chennai provides a very transparent approach to our Facebook marketing. From showing you clear insights on Facebook to view your growth and frequently submitting reports, we guide you through all our operations, post performances, and growth over months.

    Our Facebook ads are ideal for page likes campaigns, product listing ads, and remarketing. We appoint page admins as per your choice and provide appropriate page descriptions, logos, and all profile related configurations. We are the best social media marketing agency for small businesses in terms of both organic searches as well as paid promotions.


    With the Instagram stories feature, we host a wide variety of interesting contests, riddles, fun facts, did you know, and other fun yet educational content. Our social media marketing company in Chennai specializes in Instagram content through special day posts, USP related posts, engagement posts, user-generated content, and especially, product-related posts. Influencer marketing is also a common strategy used on Instagram and owing to our strong contact base, we are good to go! We link product and website details in posts and stories as much as we can and guide people to the website frequently.


    Often videos are more engaging than textual content and images. People find them easier to share and quicker to process. Hence, we build your brand on YouTube as well with frequent videos highlighting new product launches, grand openings, behind the scenes of how your products are made, live sessions to interact with the audience, and sessions wherein we explain qualities of your product to the audience. In this way, we ensure there is always something for everyone.


    Twitter is where all the trending topics lie and we have mastered the art of engaging users on Twitter. Using the right keywords and hashtags, we can get your content to trend in no time! Tweets posted with hashtags tend to attract twice the number of users and hence, we use trending tags or frequently used tags to ensure your page pops up during various searches.

    Using paid ads on Twitter is a very easy way to attract audiences to your website. Not only do we know what to tweet and how to tweet it, but we are also well versed in when to tweet something. We grab the audience during popular prime times.

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    If your main intent out of social media marketing is to acquire good contacts, then LinkedIn is the ideal platform for your business. 93% of B2B marketers have considered LinkedIn to be the ideal site for effective lead generation. We believe we can generate more effective leads through this platform because most people on LinkedIn are professionals. With our social media agency in Chennai, we know exactly what appeals to which audience and we target specific groups with specific content.


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    Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 20% 25% 30%
    Global Seo Packages Startup Growth Premium High Volume
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    Benefits of social media

    The benefits are endless with social media as most of your audience is there! Instead of changing your operations, we believe it is more worthwhile to focus your operations on specific avenues. Social media can help your business in a variety of ways including:

    Increases your visibility​

    Increases your visibility

    More people will know your brand exists and what products you sell with our advertising. Furthermore, we will ensure that your brand turns up first in search results with the right keywords and ranks high in SEO. This will ensure that customers either think of you when they need your product or they can find you through organic searches.

    Build connections and long-lasting trust

    Nothing connects with the audience as much as engaging content and personalized content. Each customer will feel like our content is targeting them and get attracted to our rich media and quality content. We have a team of dynamic individuals who can engage with the audience in such a way that they trust your brand and support your success as much as we do.


    Faster conversions and revenue generation

    More customers mean more sales which lead to more conversions. We research your target audience in such a way to provide your product to them exactly when they need it. Not only do we find new ways to bring in new audiences, but we are also constantly finding ways to retain your existing ones. This fine blend makes us the ideal social media marketing agency in Chennai.


    Targeting specific customers

    We study location-based demographics to ensure your brand appears during ‘near me’ searches and yet expand your reach worldwide. We create specific content for each social media platform and for various groups of people we segregate the audience into. This can be based on age, gender, occupation, preferences, etc.


    Lower marketing cost

    Efficiency while avoiding any unnecessary spending on both your end and ours is our view. With the simplest strategies and straight forward posts, we can attract many people. We ensure you find our services affordable and often pay only for the services you need.

    Why us?

    Not just generating the content, but also optimizing and promoting it to meet the right audience and managing your social media pages are our responsibility. We create specific content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so on. We are the ideal social media marketing agency for small businesses owing to our affordable yet trustworthy content. We offer 24×7 customer support and value your inputs and suggestions.


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    Yes, it will. We understand that not all content generated is to make a sale. Some content is also targeted at accumulating a strong follower base and engaging users to take notice of your brand. Social media marketing helps greatly as most customers are online!

    Social media success can be measured in terms of page views, post likes, page followers, click rate, and how many people proceeded from your social media page to your website, etc. But on the whole, the best way to measure your social media success is by the improvement in the quality of your content and how many people you reach by optimizing it.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are ideal for engaging customers especially if your target audience is of the modern generation. LinkedIn is ideal for building professional contacts, potential leads, and business connections.

    Social media marketing takes time and is a gradual process. People will not only follow you based on your content but also based on the consistency of your content. How fast your business grows depends a lot on what products you sell, who your audience is, how frequently you post, on which platform you post, and most importantly, how much you prioritize engaging your audience.

    Eon8 puts the customer first and ensures that they do most of the talking. If you are looking for engaging content that gets comments, likes, and shares but still promotes specific products you sell, Eon8 has exclusive strategies designed just to suit your company!

    Citations are online directories or business listings of your website that indicate your name, address, website URL, contact details, etc. Getting citations is very important for local businesses, as they help customers find your business through multiple sources. This could be structured citations through directories or listings, or unstructured citations involving the press and social media mentions.