Despite conventional marketing including posters and all, a brand or business needs a good video content that speaks for them. If you are an organization looking for any type of video content, you’ve already landed at the right place

At EON8, we do not directly get on the process of creation. Our experts do an in-depth customer-based research to unveil the current requirements and challenges. This helps to groom your video into a shape that creates the most impact for your brand.

Understanding the customer perceptions will create a space for us as an agency to understand your strengths compared to your competitors. The results from these researches will guide to create an appropriate content plan, which will strongly bond with the target audience.

In the process of video content creation, we go through a lot of phases that transform your brand and give a completely new value-making dimension.


Promotional Videos

These videos are completely branding-based videos that stimulate the brand and the business’s growth.

Training Videos

These videos are used for orientation and training purposes of newly joining employees on the organization and its work culture. Such videos also are in use to update knowledge for existing employees.

Corporate Videos

These videos are targeted mainly for external investors, stakeholders and corporate customers to educate and create awareness on the prospective growth of the business and organization.

Internal Communication Videos

These are intended to communicate and transfer information inside an organization for better organizational structure.

Animation Videos

These are technique-based videos to create visual impact for the intended audience in a more catchy way.


There are certain phases that we have to take our video content through to optimize it to the best potential. Firstly, we see your business and brand from within to exactly understand what you offer to your customers, how it adds value to them, how you pose a competition to other competitors etc to market our video content. We then move on to external factors like market, customers and various obstacles for your brand’s content engagement.

Creating the right distribution channel for your video content has to be the first level priority right after your video content is ready. Can you imagine your video content ending up in a channel which totally irrelevant to your theme or topic? By doing this, your video will end up annoying people by reaching out to the wrong ones. Therefore, a perfect distribution channel is crucial for any video content.

It is important to make a video’s distribution channel more authentic and natural for it to reach a wider audience. Every video content should feel like an additional attribution to the overall theme or content we are trying to convey, by mixing up into the distribution ecosystem. An ideal distribution channel’s methodology should be to reach the audience at the locations they would best enjoy our video content and also love spending their valuable time.

Our digital media experts have a great knowledge of the blogs, platforms, and sites where our videos and our brand can best engage with the given target audience.

Our Video Marketing Services

When you choose video marketing services from our online video marketing company, we’ll help you with all aspects of your company’s video creation from start to finish, including:


Script copywriting

We create video scripts that are professional and instantly enthrall potential customers when distributed among targeted audience

High-quality video production

We make sure to bring a jaw-dropping output with our expert designers who tailor according to client’s needs

Video Publication

Our team of professionals reaches the brand videos to the audience whom the client wishes to target.


Interior Distribution

Video content can be distributed in two ways. First of which is distributing it through the brand’s own website. We feel that our clients’ website is the first and the best distribution channel for any kind of video. We have the benefit of keeping our video and its succeeding actions in control.

Exterior Distribution

Exterior distribution indicates external channels that put a brand’s video content to viewers’ reach. Our experts put to use various distribution channels that include external sites, industry-based forums, social media, email, and other online advertising platforms. These platforms provide an indirect push that also has an additional benefit of trust as it is promoted by a third party.

Therefore, creating magic through videos for your brand and business needs a team of content, marketing, and distribution experts which is our organization core strength.

We plan and create videos that execute brand positioning and value creation for the business.

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