Google Analytics services

For many businesses ranging from small to large, Google Analytics is serving as the best platform for sustainable growth. At EON8, the most trusted Digital Marketing company, we use Google Analytics to bring a better outcome for our clients. Our team regularly monitor, provide marketing insights and act spontaneously to make the best out of the online marketing efforts. 

Let’s take a look at our best-offered Google Analytics Services. 


Google Analytics account setup

At EON8, we have our team of experts who can assist you with the proper Google Analytics account setup. Thereafter, we implement new techniques to keep the Google Analytics account perfectly configured and ready to use under all circumstances. We make certain that all the settings are made in such a way as to fetch essential business data to check and use in your data analysis.

Google Analytics audit services

Do you already have a Google Analytics account? EON8 can help improve the existing account with our comprehensive Google Analytics audit services. Even, if there are fewer or no errors in the data collection, we will identify the process and act accordingly. Our certified team will audit from top to bottom including the tracking code, data integrity, configuration, account links and conversion tracking.

 Strategy & Measurement

The measurement framework is the base for any Google Analytics account because it outlines all the important data and the relationship with business objectives. Measurement strategy helps check that everything is aligned and can bring the results as it ought to give. In line with KPIs, a good strategy along with measurement correction can help the business move forward.

 Strategy Targeting

At EON8, we encompass a varied range of Google Analytics applications and we take care of its confidentiality at all times. E-commerce tracking, CRM integration, Google tag manager are some of our major applications. With our team, we look into the existing processes, implement strategies that may help and arrive at new solutions to reach your business’s target audience more effectively. This way, you can connect with your potential audience and meet your business objectives at ease. The strategy makes way for more profit.

Google Analytics consulting services

Google analytics setup is common but not many businesses do possess it. If you had already set up your Google Analytics account according to your business type yet need help with the relevant keywords or strategies to grab more prospective leads and take your business forward, our Google Analytics professionals can help. We directly consult with you to make sure of the data goals and interpret them in a way different from your existing data. Also, we recommend unique marketing solutions that can easily aggregate data from across websites around the world. Customizable reports, conversion funnels setup are some of our notable solutions.


For any business, Google Analytics provides a whole lot of data that can be difficult for website owners to understand and interpret accordingly. Being a data-driven agency, EON8 closely work with our clients and evaluate your web analytics reports thoroughly. As per the results, we create custom, easy-to-understand Google analytics reports for you. Instead of confusing with thousands of data, concentrate on what matters to your business.

EON8, being one of the most trusted Digital marketing companies in India, care for our clients a bit more than they expect. From Google analytics account to running Google AdWords campaigns, we never fail our client at any point and maintain transparency always. If you are looking for a reliable digital marketing partner for your business to scale up online, it is time for us to get in touch. 

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