Although most users consider Instagram to be a social media platform for sharing content, its role as a marketing platform often goes unnoticed. From reaching a large audience to creating customized content and campaigns, a good Instagram marketing agency can boost your business and sales greatly.

What sets Instagram apart?

Grabbing and retaining the attention of potential prospects through palatable video bytes and interactive images are some of Instagram’s top assets. Certain unique features such as Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV are great ways to promote your business, provided you use it right.

Influencer marketing at its best

Gone are the days when celebrities were approached to endorse brands and promote products. Influencer marketing has taken center stage with micro-influencers and Instagram bloggers revolutionizing content promotion. By approaching the right influencers who are well-versed in your field of expertise, you can greatly reach a mass audience of your target group. The best part is you can save a lot on your budget!

Earn faster conversions and generate better leads

Approach the right Instagram marketing company that can curate specific content for your business to intrigue customers to buy your products. The fact that Instagram is a popular mobile app and most customers prefer mobile-friendly interfaces is one of the main reasons why this is the ideal platform for mass promotions. At the end of the day, you can generate incredible leads with people who genuinely care about your services and will last long.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should turn to Instagram marketing today!

A recent statistic indicated that almost 60% of the population on Instagram log onto the platform at least once a day. This improves the chances of someone finding your content and ads to approach your business. When was the last time you logged onto Instagram, noticed an ad, and remarked at how aesthetically pleasing it was?

Chances are, almost every day! But as long as the ads and business content are aesthetic, most users don’t mind the ads. Moreover, 80% of users follow at least one business page online and proceed to the business’s website after viewing an ad via Instagram stories or posts.

Mobile-friendly format

Desktop interfaces often feature ads and campaigns only on the sides of the screen or in between huge chunks of content. This often either get missed or ends up frustrating the audience. But owing to Instagram’s mobile-friendly format, the ads fill up the entire screen and the audience is fully focused only on your content at a time.

It also helps that ads posted on Instagram can simultaneously be run on Facebook as well. This improves your productivity in running and monitoring your ads, with the added benefit of a wider reach. Users can navigate more easily and visit your website or attached links. Finally, checking insights and monitoring the progress of your business online also becomes very simple for the brand owner.

Our strategies and services

Now that we have sorted out the benefits of Instagram marketing and what makes it unique, how do you choose the right Instagram marketing agency to manage your social presence?
From strategy conceptualization to report generation and campaign performance analysis, we specialize in providing your brand a 360-degree holistic approach to marketing.

  • We listen to exactly what you want to do with your online presence – be it making sales, increasing engagement, creating brand awareness, increasing consideration, generating better leads, earning more conversions, etc.
  • We strategize a unique plan to promote your business against competitors that is updating to suit changing search engine algorithms.
  • We analyze using modern data-tracking tools to consistently keep improving your reach and brand insights.

Above all, we study your target audience carefully and derive exactly what content they want and when. This way, you can effectively provide them the content that will attract them exactly when they require your products. From strategizing to monitoring how the strategy has performed, we implement self-correcting methods to learn from our campaigns.

Why Eon8?

Our team of dynamic experts produces specifically curated content to suit your business needs. Our services and strategies are as unique as your business and can be modified to suit your specific needs. When it comes to Instagram marketing, we are the best Instagram marketing company to help you take your business ahead.