Negative content online can be very defamatory to your business’s reputation and could result in a loss of customers for you. To safeguard your reputation online and remove negative content from websiteit is always a good idea to invest in Online Reputation Management (ORM). This will not only help you retain existing customers but also acquire new ones with quality content. By removing content online that could be defamatory to your reputation, you can ensure that the first impression clients have of your brand is positive.

This includes backlink removal, content removal, or even editing content or popular keywords to prevent them from turning up during search results. On most occasions, the content creator or host of the website featuring negative content about your brand can be requested to remove the content or alter it. But if they refuse or if Google declines your request to remove any online content, the need to invest in a digital marketing agency arises.

Why invest in ORM?

Be it textual content, images, videos, websites that are ranking high in search results, or even negative backlinks, ORM will ensure that no negative content about your website exists online. Not only can negative content ruin your brand or business, but it could also impact your relationships and lead generation. Be certain as it which platforms you wish to remove content from, as the media channels you need to focus on vary as per your target audience and motive out of removing content.

Search Engine Optimization

With our highly advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that are consistently updated to suit search engine algorithms, we can ensure that your business reputation is protected online. Not only do we specialize in removing negative content online, but we are also well-versed in adding positive content to suppress negative reviews. By pushing down negative comments or fake feedback intended to harm your brand name, we ensure that only positive feedback about your company is popularized.

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What platforms do I remove negative content from?

Deleting negative reviews and comments from social media accounts and websites is the foundation stone for ORM. Remove negative content online to ensure that your customers don’t find negative feedback about your brand and their first impression is good. Furthermore, platforms such as Quora and the Consumer Complaints Board are important  forums to remove content from.

This is because they aren’t just places where people write reviews about brands, it is also where people read reviews before investing in brands. Hence, by suppressing negative reviews and deleting fake accounts that aim to sabotage your brand’s name, you can safeguard your business reputation.

Removing Google search results

If you remove negative content from website, you can ensure that those websites mentioning bad reviews about your brand don’t pop up during search results. By pushing these negative websites lower in search results, you can add positive comments that will appear first in search results.

If you are aiming for organic traffic for your business website that is complimented by paid ads, ensure that any negative content about your brand gets pushed to page 2 of search results. This also involves removing outdated content from Google Search and editing backlinks or negative website links from the Internet.

How to remove content from Google search results?

Google will only remove the information and online content if it poses a threat to identity theft or financial risks. By appealing to the right authorities by citing the right reasons, we can ensure that we remove negative content online. We remove all kinds of content – national identity and social security numbers, bank account numbers, personal images or signatures uploaded without your consent, credit/debit card credentials, confidential records or medical records, etc.

If the information you wish to remove falls under these categories, it is possible to draft a request to Google to remove the defamatory content. If it doesn’t fall under these categories, you might have to turn to a professional ORM service provider to remove the content for you. This is where our top services come into play.

Why Eon8?

We specialize in negative content removal effectively and efficiently. We thoroughly study your business presence online, target audience preferences, and most importantly, mentions of your brand on online platforms. Once we analyze your brand’s reputation on social platforms, we begin removing negative content and adding positive content to safeguard your reputation.

We remove irrelevant content by fake accounts and outdated information that is still circling the Internet and may harm your business. We challenge defamatory content online that is unsubstantial or lack any evidence of being true. Any images, videos, audios, or other personal information and textual content are also removed. We also address copyright issues on online forums and additionally remove negative links and backlinks online.

If you are looking for effective yet affordable negative content removal services, head over to our website or give our experts a call. We provide a 360-degree holistic approach to negative content removal from online and social platforms. Our team of dynamic and seasoned writers and analysts can thoroughly analyze what services your business needs and then curate specific content to combat the issues.