Negative content can be extremely damaging to the hard-earned reputation of a business. Even months or years after a blog or article is published, it can have adverse effects on a business if discovered in search results. Most often you can remove negative Google search results, but at other times you will have to turn to content suppression or blocking. This requires a highly experienced Online Reputation Management (ORM) agency that specializes in taking down content, blocking content with special codes, deleting fake accounts created to defame you, and mainly suppressing negative content by adding positive content.

Read on to know more about ORM and removing negative content online that could prove defamatory for your business.

Removing your brand name from Google search

People often don’t go beyond the first three results on a search results page. Even if they do, they don’t exceed the first page. Hence, the best way to safeguard your reputation is to push negative content to the second page of Google search results. Analyze why your business received the negative feedback in the first place and if it is constructive. This will prevent more negative feedback from being posted about your brand.

Often, Google can be requested to remove content about your brand from their search results by drafting a simple request. But the criteria for the type of content to be removed is very specific and limited. Similarly, website owners may or may not remove content from their website upon your request. But if they refuse to or you are unable to remove negative links from Google, you will have to invest in a digital marketing agency for professional tactics.

What options do I have to remove content?

Requesting the website owner to add a NOINDEX tag to the HTML of the webpage containing negative content about your business is one option. By adding this tag, you are telling Google to ignore that particular webpage and not display it in search results. This indirectly means the page itself will get removed from search engines without actually removing the page.

Changing the content on the page or the keywords used so that it is no longer relevant for the target search query. This can be achieved either by removing any direct mention of your brand name or by using something vague to describe your brand. Both these methods entirely depend on the website owner and you will have to use some other strategy to remove negative Google search results if the host refuses to take down or modify the content.

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How to professionally remove negative links from Google?

By identifying the negative content and removing them, alongside creating positive content and promoting it adequately, you can greatly improve your online reputation. We thoroughly analyze your online presence and citations on other platforms. This will help us remove negative links from Google and optimize new positive feedback through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Implement strategies such as de-indexing, optimizing existing positive content, altering negative content, and suppressing negative search results with positive content to boost your brand image online.

We are experts when it comes to helping your brand rank higher in search results. We effectively remove negative Google search results through ethical means and strategies that are updated to suit changing search engine algorithms. By removing negative backlinks or altering negative content, we can ensure your audience’s first impression of your company is good.

Why Eon8?

We are the best digital marketing agency when it comes to effectively removing content or ensuring negative content doesn’t reach many people. At the same time, we ensure that positive reviews and feedback about your brand are optimized to their full potential and reach your target audience exactly when they require your services. On the whole, we provide a 360-degree approach to ORM and cover all possible aspects you will require.

Our support staff are available 24×7 via call, email, and online to handle all your queries and take your suggestions into consideration. Our team of vibrant writers and analysts thoroughly research your brand and its presence on online and social platforms. This helps us curate industry-specific content for your business that will attract your target audience.

We consistently furnish you with growth reports and monthly performance reports so you can monitor your brand’s performance. Above all, we don’t merely focus on improving your brand’s online ranking – we ensure your position stays on top. For improving rankings during search results and gaining more organic reach based on positive content, contact our experts today.