It takes years to build a good reputation but just one negative review to sabotage it. This is why it’s important to consistently remove negative yelp reviews and safeguard your business reputation online. Read on to find some strategies and how to choose the best digital marketing agency to perform your Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Why remove negative yelp reviews?

Finding negative feedback on the very first page of search results can be very harmful to your business. Not only can it push away new customers, but it can also appear badly in the view of existing ones. We specialize in removing negative comments, especially ones by fake accounts created specifically to tarnish your business presence online.

Some reviews cannot be removed by requesting Yelp to remove them. To push away bad reviews and ensure the first impression your customers get of your brand is good, it is always a wise choice to invest in negative review removal. So, how do agencies remove your negative presence online?

How to remove reviews on Yelp?

One of the best ways to protect your reputation is by adding new positive reviews to suppress the negative ones. This takes consistency and a significant amount of effort to push down bad reviews. At the end of the day, it lies in your hands to consider those reviews and prevent the cause of the negativity to occur again. If reviews turn into personal attacks and violate Yelp’s Terms and Conditions, you have every right to demand their removal from public viewing.

Another good strategy is to communicate with the reviewers and request them to remove or modify their reviews. Most customers will be willing to take down reviews if a genuine promise to prevent it from happening again is made. Furthermore, adding NOINDEX tags to certain websites and web pages will prevent the content from appearing during search results. Website owners or blog authors who have mentioned your business or cited your brand name negatively in an article can be asked to alter the content.

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Benefits of removing negative reviews on Yelp

Yelp is one of the many platforms potential prospects visit before deciding to invest. It is a hub of genuine reviews, honest criticism, firsthand information, and reliable data-driven information. Many people not only post personal experiences with companies on Yelp but also read these reviews frequently to study competitors.

By consistently ensuring your presence on these platforms are positive, you can be sure that your quality of audience will improve and people who require your services will find you easily. Most importantly, you can be sure to reach the right audience at the right time to maximize your chances of making a sale. This will improve your engagement rate, recall value, quality of audience, better lead generation, and faster Return on Investment (ROI).

Why Eon8?

Our leading agency of dynamic experts and writers will thoroughly analyze your brand’s presence online and mentions of your brand on social media and Yelp. By pushing negative reviews out of the first page of search results, deleting fake accounts, removing negative comments, altering citations and negative mentions, etc., we can help safeguard your business reputation online.

Our efficient practices and affordable packages can be altered and customized to suit your specific business needs. Furthermore, we remove negative Yelp reviews and prevent them from appearing again at extremely affordable rates to suit even small businesses. On the whole, Eon8 provide a 360-degree holistic approach to ORM and digital marketing to ensure the finer aspects of your brand are what make it to the limelight. Invest in our services to improve the quality of your audience and the performance of your business.

Contact our experts today to know more about our services or visit our website to browse through our packages. Our customer support staff are available 24×7 via call, mail, and online to consider your queries and clear your ambiguity. Invest in our services to remove negative Yelp reviews today.