When customers approach your business to purchase your products or services, it helps to have a good reputation and brand image online. Not only will this ensure you attract new followers but will also help you retain existing ones. How do you maintain this positive image online and prevent customers from posting negative reviews and feedback? Read on to know how and how to remove negative complaints when push comes to shove.

Why should you remove negative complaints?

It takes a long time and consistent efforts to build a positive reputation. But it requires only one negative review to bring your reputation down. Hence, it is of paramount importance that you maintain a positive brand image online and prevent negative feedback from sabotaging your identity.

At times, you can draft a request to Google asking them to take down the review. During most occasions, Google won’t remove the reviews and the author of the comment won’t modify the contents of the content or remove it. During such situations, the only other option you have is to invest in a professional agency to remove negative complaints from social media and online platforms.

Why does your business need ORM?

Forums like the Consumer Complaints Board are designed to help customers publish feedback, predominantly complaints about businesses. Not only do customers publish reviews here, but new customers also read the reviews before deciding whether to invest in the brand or not. Hence, only if your reputation is good and free from complaints will you be able to retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

Invest in a good ORM (Online Reputation Management) agency to safeguard your online presence. This will ensure that the first impression customers have of your brand is positive and your website receives more visits and longer bounce rates. On the whole, your business needs ORM to not only hide negative reviews from public view but also to promote positive reviews and use them to suppress negative ones.

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Our foolproof strategies to navigate the digital world

One method to remove negative complaints is to request the host of the content or website to include a NOINDEX tag in the link of their page. This will prevent their page from appearing during search results without actually removing the page. We use legal, ethical, white hat techniques to remove negative feedback and content from social media, online consumer forums, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), etc. Our 360-degree holistic approach to ORM and digital marketing ensures that all aspects of your business’s online presence are catered to.

Suppressing the negative content by adding positive content over it is the ideal and most cost-effective way to remove content. It is accessible and affordable to small businesses and is a better option as compared to permanently removing reviews. By just removing content from the first page of SERPs, you ensure that potential prospects don’t find negative content about your business online. Changing keywords that are popularly used or removing your brand name/making your brand name ambiguous in the text are other techniques. Finally, we remove content from blogs, guest posts, backlinks, hyperlinks, and other third-party sites to save your reputation online.

Why Eon8?

Our strategies are genuine and white hat techniques that have been tried and tested to succeed. Our pay-per-performance model and enhanced customer satisfaction have helped us retain customers for your brand as well as gain new ones. Be it link building, generating reviews and press releases, video promotions, SEO promotions – our specialized analysts and writers curate the perfect roadmap to promote your brand image and awareness.

Our authentic SEO and ORM services are exactly what your brand needs to navigate the modern digital world and are updated to suit changing search engine algorithms. We create superior quality creative content that is industry-specific and curated specifically to suit your unique brand needs. On the whole, we project your brand as the market leader and industry expert.

For strengthened link building and overall quality content curation, contact our experts today. Visit our website to browse through our packages and affordable services that can be modified to suit your unique requirements. For more result-oriented strategies and frequent reports to gauge your business growth with transparency, contact Eon8 today!