The adoption of blockchain technology changed the digital landscape for the better. One of the most notable concepts of blockchain is NFT.

At this point, NFTs hold a disruptive presence in the creator’s economy by consistently empowering creators and artists of all levels. Dune analytics revealed nearly $17 billion has been achieved in overall trade volume at the start of 2022. The numbers will continue to rise as the years progresses. 

If you are onboarding on the NFT creation of your own, you need proper marketing to thrive in a competitive market. The wise choice is to hire the top NFT marketing agency of 2022 to market your digital collectibles to the world. 

Below is the list of the top 10 NFT marketing agencies of 2022 dominating the market space. 

Best NFT Marketing Agencies of 2022 – The Complete List 

The ability to sustain and grow in the competitive and constantly evolving market proves that the agency has leading expertise in non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology. Here are 10 agencies that have demonstrated this ability by executing near-perfect marketing campaigns consistently. 

  1. Eon8 

Eon8 is one of the most prominent NFT agencies in the world. The agency comprises highly experienced marketers delivering highly effective marketing campaigns targeted to reach a wider demographic for better results in revenue. 

The agency offers a comprehensive range of NFT marketing services, including influencer marketing, social media campaigns, community-building services, content marketing, and PR services. Even if you are new to the NFT space, Eon8 can guide you through the fundamentals to develop your brand successfully. 

You can trust the NFT marketing team at Eon8 to create tailored marketing strategies by leveraging advanced data and resources. The aim of Eon8 is to revolutionize the NFT market with an increased focus on social engagement and active community building. 

In terms of specifics, here are the services offered by Eon8 explained in detail: 

Influencer Marketing 

Eon8 has collaborations with some of the biggest names on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube to generate awareness and attention for your NFT project. 

Social Media 

The social media services of Eon8 can play an enormous role in promoting your new NFT project to the masses. 

Community Building 

Eon8 actively leverages its proven expertise to build a thriving community on Discord, Reddit, and other social platforms. 

Content Marketing 

The highly skilled content creators at Eon8 allow you to entice engagement from your target audience with compelling content. 


Eon8 with its leading network of media outreach will ensure that your NFT project gains popularity in the NFT landscape. 

Due to the global reach of Eon8, they can effectively create strategies that are suitable for your target audience belonging to any part of the globe. 

Reasons to Choose Eon8 

  • Publish content on more than 100 leading sites 
  • Celebrity Influencer marketing for NFT 
  • Creative post and banner designs 
  • Global campaign reach 

2. NinjaPromo 


NinjaPromo is one of the top-notch NFT marketing agencies that are worth your consideration. The agency has a lot of experience and expertise in NFT marketing, as they are one of the early adopters of blockchain. They understand the role of marketing in promoting and making an NFT project successful. 

NinjaPromo is renowned for its NFT PR services. They boast a comprehensive network of PR sites that targets the key demographic and help an NFT project achieve the desired results. In addition to PR, they also offer a wide range of NFT marketing services. 

Reasons to Choose NinjaPromo 

  • Full-stack marketing services
  • Dynamic targeting 
  • Technology adopting leaders
  • Global influence 

3. Coinbound 


Coinbound is one of the most established NFT marketing agencies that has a notable reputation for its NFT marketing. They can help spread the word about your NFT project by leveraging influencers from all over the world. 

The agency can help your NFT project reach prospective buyers and investors by raising awareness across multiple platforms. Their expertise will also allow you to create highly engaging communities on Discord and Telegram. 

Reasons To Choose Coinbound 

  • Strong Network of Influencers 
  • Effective social media management 
  • Expertise in various platforms 
  • Competitive Pricing 

4. Crowdcreate 


Crowdcreate is another leading NFT marketing agency that specializes in offering great results for NFT brands. They can drive awareness and conversions for your NFT project with the expertise of their marketing team carrying deep-rooted knowledge in digital marketing, social media, and PR. 

Crowdcreate has a great track record in marketing NFT projects and propelling them toward more success. They have service packages that are ideal for businesses of all sizes from startups to established organizations. 

Reasons to choose Crowdcreate 

  • Extensive NFT experience 
  • High satisfaction rates 
  • Experienced PR Team 
  • Branded Video Production

5. Blockchain PR 


Blockchain PR has been the go-to marketing agency for many successful NFT projects during their initial stages. This agency specializes in sponsorships, social media marketing, and press releases. 

The agency offers a wide range of services that are tailored to meet the requirements of a new NFT brand. They are one of the most reliable and reputable NFT marketing agencies that you can trust for your project. 

Reasons to choose Blockchain PR 

  • Unique NFT marketing expertise 
  • Tailored Services 
  • Extensive influencer collaboration 
  • Blockchain PR experience 

6. FireCask 


FireCask is one of the top NFT marketing agencies that has continuously proven its expertise and marketing proficiency. The agency offers a complete list of services for NFT projects. From social media marketing to ad campaigns. 

They have a team of experienced marketers to research deeply about your NFT project and develop bespoke strategies that are sure to bring results. More importantly, FireCask has one of the best design teams on this list. 

Reasons to choose FireCask 

  • Detailed competitor research 
  • Personalized marketing services 
  • Budget-friendly campaigns 
  • Experienced marketing team 

7. X10 

X10 1 1

X10 is a renowned NFT marketing agency that has been around for some time now. They started as a small agency but expanded gradually by offering quality services for crypto and NFT projects. 

X10 offers a variety of services to market your NFT such as creative design, marketing consultation, branding, and community management. The agency has been involved in many successful campaigns over the years. 

Reasons to choose X10 

  • Impressive Campaign analysis 
  • Wide range of services 
  • Community building expertise 
  • Economical prices 

8. Inoru 


Inoru has established itself as a preeminent NFT marketing agency by guaranteeing success to every NFT client they have handled. The USP of Inoru is that they offer highly personalized marketing campaigns for their clients thanks to their experienced team of marketers. 

Inoru also guarantees to offer the most effective NFT marketing services at economical prices. This can help you achieve an enduring impact for your brand without spending significantly on the marketing budget. 

Reasons to choose Inoru 

  • Highly personalized campaigns 
  • Expertise in building awareness 
  • Full-stack marketing support 
  • Technical knowledge 

9. Turnkeytown 


Turnkeytown is one of the leading NFT marketing agencies that offer complete packages for NFT clients. The team at Turnkeytown specializes in influencer programs, social media campaigns, and PR marketing. 

The agency is capable of developing and executing disruptive campaigns that will build success for your NFT project. The services can be further customized to meet the unique requirements of brands. 

Reasons to choose Turnkeytown 

  • Catered services for specific needs 
  • Focused community engagement 
  • Transparent quote process 
  • Experienced marketers 

10. TokenMinds 


TokenMinds can also be a wonderful option to consider if you are in the market for NFT marketing. Their team can organize and deploy strategies for NFT marketing as well as offer insights if you are looking to build your web3 community. 

The agency boasts an impressive client roster filled with some of the leading NFT projects. They promise outstanding results for the NFT projects aiming to dominate the landscape. 

Reasons to choose TokenMinds 

  • Proven marketing track record 
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Exceptional campaign management 
  • Reliable support 

End Note These are the top 10 NFT marketing agencies of 2022. You can choose the right one for your needs by deeply analyzing your requirements and budget. It is essential to make an informed decision to ensure that your NFT project reaches the envisioned success.

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