There are stalwarts in every industry, irrespective of whether it is art or rocket science. The real world has exceptional sports players, amazing actors, and mind-blowing scientists. On the dribble, you can find artists who crave creativity and innovation to take designing to the next level. 

There are thousands of artists registered on the platform, but only a few stand out from the crowd, and this article will focus on the top 5 art designers who have made their mark in one of the world’s largest art community platforms. 

This blog will help you if you are an aspiring artist or looking for an artist who can help you convert your dream into reality.

So, here we go!

1: Eon8 Web 3 labs

They are one of the most prominent names when it comes to creating digital artwork. They are highly experienced in creating and launching marketing campaigns and artwork for some of the top NFT projects. The designs are vibrant and smooth, and the work is unparalleled. 


2: Phenomenon Art Studio

Phenomenon Art & NFT standout studio is one of the coolest and most popular NFT art creators on Dribbble.

They have also worked on the super-trending project Frozeverse, which is a metaverse VR game with some of the coolest Art stuff.

Frozeverse – 3D animation and interface for Metaverse VR game
ArmaApes – 3D NFT collection

You can also check out some cool stuff created by phenomenal designers at phenomenon

3: Yurii

If you are looking for creative and exceptional web 3 designers over dribble then you should not look further than Yurii. It is quite difficult to find a competitor for Yurri when the concern is creating cool characters with visual effects. 

You can check out some of the cool stuff of Yuri below,

Invisible Cotton Catty Rainbow

1 1

Golden Bannana


4: Mark Rise

3 1

Mark rise is one of the inspirational designers on Dribble who is confident about giving life to real-world characters on Dribbble. He is an expert 2D digital art designer, and we are pretty much confident that his work speaks for itself. The art project might seem like everyone can do it, but that is not true. 


5: Amazing UI

One prominent thing that makes Amazing UI a premium NFT art designer is their belief in creating something new. Although they have few projects to complement their creativity, they are attractive enough to prove their effectiveness in the digital art world. 

Check out their cool stuff below

unnamed 1

So, we have come to an end, and the artwork of the designers mentioned above speaks for itself. These were fascinating, and so were the artists who created them. In the meantime, you can stay connected with us as we will keep bringing something new daily!

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