There are many factors that make a company a ‘good’ company. From having an innovative business idea or the right team of people to execute that idea, there are a lot of ingredients that make a successful business.

Having a good network of people and consistent capital flow may be some common factors everyone is familiar with. But there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep a company afloat. ORM and SEO are two such components.

What is ORM? Why does my brand need it?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an important component of digital marketing owing to its ability to remove negative reviews about a brand or company executive from search engines. The ORM service provider does this by creating new online content, thereby pushing undesirable content lower and preventing them from popping up as search results.

This is useful because most customers prefer to peruse feedback from past clients before investing in a product. It assures them that the product or service is worth the investment and is effective. Positive feedback plays a crucial role in winning customer trust and improves sales.

Is ORM a part of SEO? After all, they both help attract customers and improve brand visibility.

Contradictory to popular belief, ORM is not part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. SEO ensures that a business’s search engine ranking is improved with the help of various on page and off page activities. ORM is the opposite, as it offers various ORM packages to get rid of bad reviews to attract more customers.

What ORM packages are available? And which companies do I get them from?

Most ORM service providers offer comprehensive and affordable ORM packages. These packages broadly include Page 1 search position protection, microblogging sites, business listings, etc.

More expensive packages also invite end customer reviews, microsite development, local maps, implementation of video marketing and image promotion strategy and other tools to connect with the customer better.

Some ORM service providers even go the extra mile to write compelling articles about the business and do social bookmarking. These strategies engage the customer and keep the brand alive in social circle conversations.

EON8 is one of the top ORM service providers in the Chennai market and monitor the grievance board. This feature permits clients to share their insights and value any recommendations or protests concerning any company. By expelling online surveys and purchaser board complaints, EON8 ensures that search results bring up predominantly positive reviews about a company or brand.

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What ORM techniques do I invest in?

There are a plethora of techniques to help marketers manage the online reputation of their business. Two of the top strategies are Content Management and Social Profile Management. Content Management is of utmost importance, as content is the primary foundation that holds up a business website’s online presence. While SEO can be used to improve the business’s visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), it is bottom line the content that attracts an audience.

On the other hand, Social Profile Management focusses on creating social profiles for the business on major social platforms. A lot of companies have active profiles on Instagram to attract tech savvy millennials, LinkedIn to reach out to professionals and Facebook to network with different potential investors. It is both effective and easy as the reach of the business is improved to a wider and more diverse audience.

Why should I care about the customer’s opinions? Isn’t it enough if my brand name is well known?

Marketing experts have brought the need to respond actively to customer feedback to the limelight. By showing customers that their concerns matter and the business cares about them, the brand can build their referral list.

A survey revealed that nearly 65% of customers come from online referrals. It isn’t just important to win over new customers. It is equally essential to retain new ones. Staying connected to good ORM service companies can help improve the brand’s reviews.

Why should I trust EON8’s ORM service?

EON8 is notably one of the best ORM service companies in Chennai. It’s ORM package not only offers customer complaint removal but also improves the words affiliated to a company. This ensures that the business is reflected positively in social circles and enables the brand to reach a vast audience within a short time propelled by genuine positive reviews.

EON8 is an acclaimed company that ensures that people can easily find a business’s service or product. It often becomes a mammoth task to remove many negative reviews that have accumulated over a period. In order to delete them as soon and as effectively as possible before they attract high traffic, every brand requires an ORM service provider like EON8.

Is this a one-time investment? Will my strategy be relevant forever?

No. While these strategies do help boost a business’s online presence, it is vital to stay up to date with trends and new evolving techniques of marketing. The need to re-position the brand according to the modern digital marketing scenario is reflected in the business’s reach. It is important to invest in multiple channels and constantly be on the lookout for new tools.

New strategies that appeal to the interests of the client need to be identified and pursued. A case study recently revealed that millennials don’t care how cool a product is – they care more about how cool they will look while using the product. It is thus evident that psychology and understanding the ulterior motives of client psyche also play major roles in the success of a business.

In conclusion

Knowledge is power and a well-informed timely decision can go a long way. If the above reasons have convinced you to invest in a reliable ORM service provider in Chennai like EON8, be sure to read up on the concept before making a long-term decision. Be sure to research your audience demographics, interests, likes and dislikes before deciding which package to invest in. For example: It doesn’t make sense to use social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr if your target audience involves millennials. Instagram and Twitter are in trend for Gen-Z and your content is sure to attract a lot more attention on those platforms.