If you have been noticing a consistent downfall in your business’s reputation lately, then it means it’s time you invested in Online Reputation Management (ORM) services. It takes years to build a positive reputation but just one bad comment or negative review can destroy it. Investing in an ORM service company in Chennai like Eon8 can greatly help safeguard your reputation and avoid any loss of customers for your business.

Not only is it important to remove negative content to safeguard your reputation, but it is also important to retain and promote good content to its optimum potential. Be it repairing damaged reputations by adding positive reviews, or protecting brand identity and reputation by removing negative comments and deleting fake accounts, here is a complete guide on ORM and choosing the right ORM service provider for your business.

What services come under ORM?

ORM is targeted at helping small businesses protect their business reputation and maintain a positive profile online to attract more prospects. ORM comprises not only removing negative comments and mentions on other sites but also adding positive reviews to boost the brand’s identity. Adding positive comments also pushes negative reviews lower and the customer’s first impression of your brand will be positive.

You can include positive reviews and comments to create a good first impression for customers. This is the most popular method to safeguard brand reputation. Other methods include blogs, microsites, effective landing pages, fresh social media feeds, good social media management, positive feedback, removing negative backlinks, etc.

A good ORM service provider will review your SEO and manage consumer complaints and reviews on all platforms including social media. Creating content and optimizing it are the basic foundations of maintaining a business presence online. But ensuring that the content is received well and your customers respond to it positively is what ORM ensures.

Does my business need ORM? Why is it important?

It is of paramount importance that you monitor the online presence that your brand has and how people are receiving it. This will greatly impact your performance during search results and search engine rankings. ORM will guarantee your business a strong and positive social media presence and online brand image.

A good ORM service company in Chennai will thoroughly analyze your brand’s social media presence and come up with strategies to boost your image. They will analyze your target audience to curate specific content for your business and push negative reviews lower by adding positive reviews.

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Which platforms do I remove negative content from?

Removing negative content about your business from social media platforms and websites is of paramount importance. Additionally, deleting any negative backlinks and citations on popular websites is also important. Our ORM packages include creating new blogs and articles to feature on your pages and websites as well as writing guest posts to feature on other pages.

Removing negative feedback and content from Quora is important, as many customers visit social platforms like Quora before investing in a product or service. Moreover, removing complaints from Consumer Complaints Boards is also important, as they are online platforms commonly visited by customers to review products and services. Not only is it a platform to post queries and complaints but also a medium to read reviews before making a purchase.

ORM strategies

Removing negative information and adding positive information are only the basics of ORM. There are several other strategies such as keyword selection and SEO that will get your business a spot at the top of search engine rankings and results. Methods such as content scraping that involve copying content from other popular websites to use on your own are also popular.

By using these strategies that have already been tried and tested will ensure that the strategy you use is foolproof. Our popular ORM packages involve not only removing and adding content but also optimizing quality content. Our ORM price can be altered to suit the specific needs of your business and our ORM packages can be modified to curate your specific needs.

Other strategies include modifying content on certain sites or requesting website owners or hosts to remove mentions of your business from their pages. These are normally paid requests and depends entirely on the host’s response. Some strategies even involve changing the backlinks of certain sites so that they don’t turn up during search results.

If you are looking for an effective Online Reputation Management (ORM) provider at affordable prices and to suit your particular business needs, check out Eon8. We offer the most affordable solutions specifically curated to suit your brand’s needs. From on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to off-page activities to promote your business, we provide a 360-degree holistic approach to digital marketing.

Invest in our efficient services today and safeguard your business’s reputation from getting tainted by fake accounts and negative content online.