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Truth be told, removal of google negative reviews from websites and social media is a difficult task. This is where Online Reputation Management (ORM ) Services play their part. At EON8, we make sure to put in all our efforts to remove the google negative reviews as much as possible. Therefore, EON8 is undoubtedly one amongst the best Best ORM Company in India with ORM cost. The ORM cost varies for different online reputation management services like Removal of negative contents and Removal of fake reviews from Google.

Why do REVIEWS matter?

  • Review creates a positive impact on the brand.
  • Good customer relationship
  • Elevates business or brand
  • Usually, reviews are the ‘first-hand’ information for customers.

Reviews are the first step of creating trust with the customers. If a person views one negative comment, the intensity of affecting the popularity of a brand is less. But, if several negative reviews pile up in a digital platform, it may seriously affect the business. EON8 helps you to achieve a trustful image by removal of google negative reviews to the maximum extent. Removing Fake Reviews and Deleting Negative Reviews are a part of ORM services which serves as the ORM solutions.

Creating huge support in social media for the product or service is also provided as an ORM solution by EON8. Hence, not just the negative, false reviews and comments would be deleted from Google, but we take care that immense support is created.

A brand is a keyword for the public in recent times. The brand is an image created in the minds of customers. Being the best ORM service provider, EON8 helps to maintain the online reputation of the companies since ORM for branding is an essential factor. When the online reputation of a company increases, there are high chances of becoming the best in the field. More the people’s trust More would be the reach of the company.

EON8 helps to build this trust by Removal of google negative reviews, Removing fake reviews from Google and Deleting Negative Reviews from Google.

How can we help?

EON8 aims in customer satisfaction. Hence, negative comment removal plays a vital role here. For that very reason, what we do here is, efficiently manage reviews. We stack negative reviews with pleasant ones. Many of the business are not aware of the impact a review can have on their product or at the business. We’ve heard stories about losing a high score, business deal, or at the worst, losing customers over reviews. We don’t prefer that to happen because these reviews about the product or service may not even be true or relevant. They could be set into motion by some competitors. So, if you ask how can we help?

The answer is simple, we follow different strategies for different situations.

  • A set of positive, relatable reviews will be put to push the negative reviews down.
  • Passive and non-argumentative review responses.
  • Flagging as inappropriate in some cases.

And mostly to create a good impression on the brand, it is very essential to respond to every review, be it positive or negative, and acknowledging to even simple greetings, or thanking for the positive feedback. This polite gesture would impact the attitude of the readers. Nonetheless, the important trait of any of the best ORM companies would be the patient and effective handling of such comments, which as one of the Online Service Provider EON8 never fails at.

While replying, a customer would always look at what action has made regarding the drawback. So, while we politely comment back for the negative reviews, EON8 also make sure of mentioning the action taken to compensate the drawback.


Along with the feedback system, it is much easier for the customers to view the rating given out of five stars. When the number of higher rates increases, there are high chances that a customer may not go through the feedback. This can be done to create an ignorance towards the negative feedback. This helps to increase the online reputation of a product or service. EON8 works its best to be the best ORM service provider by striving harder each day keeping in mind that there is always a room for improvement.


Clients like Poorvika mobiles, Cake square, VLCC, Ramraj cotton textiles are our most reputed and popular customers. They had faced difficulties in digital marketing and the problem of maintaining an online reputation. We take in pride that through our continuous efforts the companies have been successful in creating an image in the public.

Digital platforms can ruin or revolutionize a product or service. ORM services are primarily taken care of by EON8. It promises the best ORM solutions. ORM solutions include deleting and removing fake and negative reviews. As discussed before, EON8 also identifies inappropriate and meaningless comments and remove them within no time.

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