Truth to be told, unfortunately, in some websites or sites or social media, negative reviews cannot be removed. At EON8, we make sure to put in all our efforts to clear the negative reviews as much as possible.

Why do REVIEWS matter?

  • Review creates a positive impact on the brand.
  • Good customer relationship
  • Elevates business or brand

How can we help?

What we do here is, efficiently manage reviews, we stack the negative reviews with pleasant ones. Many of the businesses are not aware of the impact a review can have on their product or at the business. We’ve heard stories about losing a high score, business deal, or worst losing customers over reviews. We definitely don’t want that to happen because these reviews about the product or service may not even be true, relevant, set into motion by some competitors. So, if you ask how can we help?

The answer is simple, we follow different strategies for different situations.

  • A set of positive, relatable reviews will be put to push the negative reviews down.
  • Passive and non-argumentative review responses.
  • Flagging as inappropriate in some cases.

And mostly to create a good impression on the brand, it is very essential to respond to every review, be it positive or negative, and acknowledging to even simple greetings, or thanking for the positive feedback. This polite gesture would impact the attitude of the readers.