Is your brand struggling with a constant inflow of negative reviews? While it is possible to request the content host to remove the defamatory content from their website or draft a request to Google to modify/remove the derogatory content, it doesn’t always go so smoothly. It is time to invest in a digital marketing agency that offers ORM packages to help safeguard your business reputation online.


We can help you remove negative reviews, suppress negative comments with positive ones, delete fake accounts and unauthentic reviews by customers who haven’t even tried your brand, and mainly promote positive reviews to reach high rankings. On the whole, we provide a 360-degree holistic approach to protecting your reputation online and preventing negative reviews from tarnishing your image.


Consequences of negative reviews

It takes years to build a good reputation but only one negative comment to bring it down. Hence, it is of paramount importance to ensure that no derogatory feedback is immediately visible about your business when a prospect performs a Google search. This can be achieved either by removing the comments or modifying them or by adding positive reviews to suppress the negative ones.


By also removing the reviews from Quora and other platforms and social media where customers post comments, you can safeguard your reputation. Not only are comments posted here, but they are also read by other customers before making decisions. The Consumer Complaints Board is a top platform people post and reads reviews from, so ensuring your image is intact there is crucial.


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Our strategies to remove negative reviews

The best way to remove negative reviews is by avoiding them. Consider the feedback given and take active measures to prevent them in the future. Another technique would involve asking the customers to remove their reviews or modify the content to portray your brand in a better light. The hosts or authors of the webpage/website featuring bad content about you can be requested to include a NOINDEX tag, which will ensure the page doesn’t get listed in search results.


The hosts can also be requested to change the content in such a way that your business remains anonymous or the identity of your brand is ambiguous. Other techniques in our ORM packages involve adding positive comments to further push down negative comments. This way, the first impression your audience gets of your brand will be positive.


Why Eon8?

We have curated ORM packages in a plethora of plans and price points to safeguard your brand’s reputation online. They are affordable strategies that can be altered to suit your specific business needs. Furthermore, they are updated to suit the latest search engine algorithms and cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the market and fierce competition.


Be it blog posts and guest posts, web content and web content optimization, social media content curation, press releases, and profile branding – we provide a 360-degree holistic approach to ORM. Partner with us and you will experience improved brand awareness, acquire loyal and long-lasting leads, establish a global position for yourself, and mainly, notice a considerable improvement in sales in no time!


Ethical strategies and customized solutions

Our strategies are not only modern but also follow ethical guidelines to maintain your brand in a positive light. They are customized to suit your brand’s unique needs and can be altered to meet your demands. On the whole, we furnish you with consistent progress reports and growth statistics of your brand so you can analyze your brand growth. We maintain transparency and ensure that you get the most out of your budget.


Our team of expert analysts and seasoned writers curate unique content to suit your brand’s specific requirements. We thoroughly analyze your brand’s online presence and citations on other websites. This will help us study your target audience, which platforms they frequent, what they are looking for from your brand, their preferences, and most importantly, their prior experience with your brand. This will help us respond to queries appropriately and ensure that such comments can be prevented in the future.


Contact our experts today to discuss strategies that have been tested to work and packages that are affordable. Visit our website to browse through our services and determine which ones your business will specifically need.